Hero Balance


We won’t :slight_smile:
We’re always reading the forum everyday, and considering everyone’s comments and ideas.


Do you like the idea of rewarding players for using the class correctly by giving the class resets and cooldown reductions under certain stipulations. The light classes are the only ones that will benefit from that right now (which they need it the most anyway, light classes are more mechanically difficult to carry with)


Yes, we will consider it in the future. But for now, we’re focusing on our priority list.


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If you check out words like tank and blaster you will most likely come to the conclusion that they should be slow bulking beasts, not able to skip about at warp speed. Tank in the right hands can outrun everything on the battlefield apart from scout and assassin.


blaster speed is fine tho imo


I suggest letting your weed high wear off before posting again.


I would say blaster speed is a little fast but not too bad, certainly nothing like tank but its rockets are just the single most annoying weapon in the game. Why do they stun? Honestly you might as well just make them 1 hit kill cos as soon as your stunned by 1 and you have the most heavily armed opponent in the game bearing down on you, not to mention the other rockets that have already been fired and locked on, you have literally no chance unless your that other hulking mass of invincibility with a bubble and speed fetish.

Basically blaster lives up to its name too well and tank has a complete identity crisis, is it a defender? is it an attacker? is it a roaming scout? it does it all.


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Blaster is way too fast. It can navigate across the map way too fast. It’s a heavy class, it should not be able to do that. To make matters worse it can even float in air for a while. The speed of tank and blaster should be reduced.


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i think people who complain about blaster still remember it from before it was nerfed (twice) lol

it’s still a little OP but it’s nowhere near as bad as tank


I would tend to agree on the whole apart from the stun rockets


Ok, tell me how being the fastest class in the game other than the lights, having the highest dps in the game, great stuns, great health, great short range abilities as well as decent long range abilities isn’t OP. If you ranked everything on Blaster all his weapons, skills, health, movement, etc he’d be top 5 in all. He has literally no weakness.


Tank is way faster than blaster


No. It’s not.


Ok… we all can agree that both needs a nerf right? Ok cased closed.


Ever seen me play tank?
What times you playing nowadays? Ill show you.
But yeah, both tank and blaster need nerf. On that note Commando will prevail with its Q, so it would also need a nerf.


Shatter bomb yes.

I agree. About the chop, i dont know.

Lvl3 turrets are nice and turrets in general are really useful for many purposes, i dont think we should buff them in anyway, BUT i’d like to be able to deploy them faster. The pulser is nice, and so is E. In fact, tech is really well balanced for the moment (ie facing many overpowered classes) imo.

Yes. General rule for tank characters: high HP/Atk, slow, miss often. (I think we will all agree on this)

HRL: their impact should stun you (makes sense - it’s a missile), but maybe it should be easier to avoid them. Micromunitions nerf: indeed.

Not many people will agree with me, but i think Blazer is perfectly balanced. But thinking of it, i admit i never use blaze bombs and dont see a particular use for them.

Their panic bombs can be really annoying.

(I know, it’s taken out of context, but still) I think no one agrees on what the game should be. For me, the game is all about teamwork and speed. So, i think we should remove all stuns from the game (flare bombs, butt stroke, etc.) and replace them by something else. We should also try to agree on the type of game we want.

Why bigger? But i agree with the rest.


It’s 2 am, i’m sorry if nothing made sense.


In terms of nerfs I would rate the classes like this (where 1st spot = needs a big nerf, last spot = needs a very small nerf):

  1. Tank
  2. Shocker
  3. Blaster
  4. Commando
  5. Assassin (tied with Commando)

The game will be ok if just Tank and Shocker got nerfed.