Hero Balance


About Blazer Spectral Optics: I actually think it’s the most useful skill Blazers have and I love it. I don’t want to see it changed.

Only change I want is for Blaze bomb to inflict burn damage.

One possible nerf for Heavy classes (instead of nerfing their damage or abilities) is to make them unable to slide (and in Blaster’s case maybe buff its Thrust a little).


it seems that nowadays most of the people are not using blasters


they already decreased the speed of blaster and if they further decreased it will become zero lol


I’ve played with the best Tanks and best Blasters and they both move the same speed.


Right, but blaster’s mobility should also be nerfed.

Agreed, but what if Spectral Optics is a toggle-type skill?

Not really, I see almost 33.33% of the players with rank uses blaster 24/7.


Agreed. And yeah spectral optics is the best blazer skill, i second the notion for it to be a toggle


Agreed, but what if Spectral Optics is a toggle-type skill?

Yeah I think that’d be fine


then whats the point of playing if we keep on nerfing all classes?


Its not about nerfing all classes, its about balancing them. At the moment if you have heavy or support spam there’s really no way to win without going to the same classes which kinda makes all the other classes redundant. Tank and shocker when spammed just basically end the round there and then.


basically these two classes were created for support and i dont think killing a shocker is hard and dealing with tank it takes time .


1 shocker easy, 2 they become a nightmare, 3 heavy spam is the only option. If you have a couple of shockers and a couple of tanks, then theres nothing to do other than counter with the same classes really.


well thats a silly reason and i dont understand why people are against tank and blaster .well if we wanna win the game people use tech and shocker as a support for these.and coming to spamm even scouts and assassin to do the same thing why u dont complain?


The reason its bad is that it basicallly means theres only heavies and support as viable options. Surely the whole point is that each class counteracts another. Otherwise you might as well just have the big 4 and abandon all the lights and strikers. Scout and assassin being spammed isnt anywhere near as OP as tanks and shocker spam.


well the point i am specifying is tank and blaster should not be nerfed that’s it and its upto the developers for further balancing in game. :smiley:


Don’t you know how OP the tank is? :confused:

Tank should not be very fast and agile, able to chase, and extremely offensive.


I’m sorry to say mahendra but your just wrong.
Every god damn game ends the same way, going to which ever pussy team goes to supports and heavies spam. Which only shows how unbalanced the classes are.


What about a hero limit? There’s no spam then.


Not a good idea to force people to play a class they don’t want to.


That would be stupid tbh. If someone buys a class they should be able to use it whenever they want.


A two hero limit isn’t that big of a deal. And i rather have a hero limit then support or heavy spam tbh. Looking to other games for example hero shooters like Overwatch can help alot. Before you could all go OP classes and just ruin the fun for others. With the hero limit you actually think of strats and a more 2-2-2 composition. 2 support, 2 tank, 2 dps. Only allowing 2 of a kind would make it more balanced. We can always just test it out if it works ya know, just trying to help. I would like to know what the devs and Ankit thinks of this idea.