Hero Balance


You know you’re only thinking about the lft+ matches when you actually think to make such a suggestion.
The newbies wouldn’t be able to understand it and more or less would result in the people who actually know what to do unable to play properly because of the newbies.

I’m saying this because of the fact that we have the or so amazing group of people that seems to think the objective of the game is to defend the base, even though we have a tutorial clearly telling them that you need to capture the point in order to win. :sweat:


I disagree sorry, a player should be able to play whatever here they damn well please. To put it mildly.


The idea crossed my mind actually, but i think players love their freedom here. A better solution will be to work on the support spam and to actually tweak some of the most annoying classes.


that guy is right

basically, he wants the developers to leave tank and blaster as they are and buff heavily all other classes


Nope, heavy classes should be less mobile.


Make the healing and shielding of each support class have diminishing returns.
IMO you cant start out by changing every class you have to start with the two big ones, give it a month or two then go to the next two that have problems that youve seen in that month or two.
Also the free hero rotation system should be changed in the classes it gives for free, you rarely see the 2nd gen classes free other than shocker yet you always see tank free for the most part. This has lead to the tank main infestation if you will.


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its okay and true xx[quote=“UM_a, post:1, topic:2090, full:true”]
Balance is the core of the game, let’s try to make it work.

A thread is needed for a topic like this one, not easy to get through.


You just posted in it.


i would like to say -------------------> Blaster is -------------> overpowered(Fixit).


Instead, I think we should give blaster a shield that lasts about 15 seconds. What do you think?


Then give him hazebomb also… and what about tank ? what do you think about him ?


cloaked ability for tanks would be awesome right?


Lol sneak behind gunner and invisible mauler slam.


We can give blaster kamehamea while we’re at it.


@mahendra What about give him a blaze bomb…


@Sehal i would rather prefer haze too op :stuck_out_tongue:


But blaster is own that alrdy :stuck_out_tongue: @mahendra


when was this topic made? when i set to watching, a lot of replies came


sep 2016