Hero Balance


Here’s what I remember/noticed about playing…

The blaster, my main class, sort of makes you feel invincible, unless there is a stronger blaster in the area, or unless you’re trying out some experimental techniques. It’s so easy to play a PL without dying much while a blaster because of how much speed you can get up, and because of the HRL.
So out of the gate I hold down slide and gather up speed while shooting rockets, chances are these will kill anyone directly in front of me by the time I reach the capture point. Then I battle the next 1 to 2 enemies before ducking down a hall. Out of the hall, you can jump/press jet boost to send you to the other lane, where you can land a surprise attack on the point defender.
Lets say an assassin attacks you, if the screen goes black and white, you immediately switch lanes, gathering speed and waiting for it to where off. Once you spot the assassin, giving chase isn’t hard, even while it turns invisible, landing hits with the mini gun gives away it’s location, so in essence, you can actually hunt assassins, and insta-kill them with your grenade once close enough. When meeting another blaster, chances are you both have your shield buff on, but this only really helps in this particular instance, as the one without it on will likely be defeated. Although this also helps for walking into an enemy aegis, and killing it point blank.
To kill a scout, after landing a few hits with the mini gun, and jetting up in the air, it’s easy to insta-kill it, when you practically land on the player and use your grenades. Doing a little damage to you, but killing your enemy. Often times, leaving them wondering WTF just happened.

In high ceiling’s rooms, you can infinitely stay in the air, hunting bombers and dropping grenades like death rain. Just looking up and pressing E at the appropriate time, makes you just about as mobile as bomber.

Although, it really didn’t stand up well under sniper fire…that’s something that blasters can’t handle well.

Do I like that sort of OP class? Yes, and I will miss it if I play this game again…because of how hard it pwned. But I seriously think it needs to be toned down.

When playing as gunner, I feel a bit locked into two modes, hunt or squat. There’s no point trying to defend a point, as the other classes can easily kill you, esp if there’s multiple players.
I would say nerf the long range sniper riffle damage, but give it a better lock on, because for me at least, this wasn’t user friendly for a thumb mouse user.

Tanks… the shields are ridiculous to take down, even with blaster, but it is a tank after all. Just make them last a little less time, and maybe give them some sort of technical weaponry, because this class could be a little more interesting.

Assassin…as this class, you feel very vulnerable, even more than scout or shocker. The poison…does need to be nerfed, but give this class a little more armor, because a grenade can pretty much do you in if it hits.

Is a fun class, hanging from the ceiling from a shield, shooting bubbles and electrocuting people. This is probably one of the most fun characters to play, it’s challenging as well. I would think it best though, if you couldn’t drop an aegis right on top of another one, because it gets confusing as to which one you’re dangling from in the hanger, if you’re constantly refocusing to help any new team members nearby.
I am wondering though, why a mauler slam to the ground instantly disables the shield…that seems a little under powered.


This class is kinda nice, but the devices it sets up need to be fixed. You can basically set a turret on top of a base, and have it fire directly into the base while it sits on the roof. This isn’t really a hack or a glitch as far as I can tell, just a flaw in the coding.
I would also nerf the power of it’s gun, but at the same time make it fire faster, as it almost seems laggy.

The fire wheels on the ground, if they could track the nearest player, I think that would fix their uselessness. The long range gun only works to annoy people, it doesn’t really help win battles, as you’re fairly vulnerable while using it, so you stay a good distance away trying to hit moving targets with a tiny beam and no scope. Optics are cool. The stat buff, doesn’t last as long as it could, and it would be nice if it gave a better boost to those nearby. Flamethrower is a bit Op, but it’s range is really short. Not sure if this cancels out the other.

As far as sliding goes…it’s hard to say really. Either all characters have to have it, or none do, because you can’t effectively play as a counter class, if it cannot keep up with the class you just got killed by.

These are my observations/suggestions
The rest of the classes I’ve spent less time playing, and I won’t really comment on them.
I liked FFT the way it is enough to play as much as I did, but it could use some balancing.

Off topic:
Maybe make one more class, some sort of cross-bow shooter, that can warp a short distance towards the direction the crosshair is pointing as his E move.


I wish someone took a pic of my face after reading these words x’D


I wish someone took a pic of my face after reading these words x’D


Hello everyone. I’m a relatively recent player and let me just say, I’m totally in love with this game. I thank the developers for this and would like to contribute more and more as time passes.
I have read many posts( it’s quite fun reading everyone’s veiw points about the game) and the center of focus seems to be this very topic. Unfortunately, I have nothing to contribute directly to hero balancing since I am not in the position to do so.( I have played FPS and TPS before though, so I’m not a total outcast)
There is, however, something crucial and related to hero balancing that I would like to address. critical hits or CRITS.
The point of balancing heroes is to ascertain a fair balance of power so no particular class becomes OP. If the DPS is based on sheer luck, how’re we ever gonna understand how much a class needs buffing up or nerfing down?
Having some experience with assassin (I am not good), i can’t tell you how many times I had frustrations because of the uncertain nature of crits. Some people might say that since crits occur in every class and for every player, its not much of a big deal. But it’s not about that. A game like this should be based solely on skill and not on random luck. Because the scope for skill development becomes very narrow otherwise.
So I suggest crits to be removed completely from this game.


Its fine for me to remove crit in FFT.
I think they should also weaken the “Lock-on capture” radius in this game, along with the Blaster/Tank/Assassin mobility nerf.




slide nerf**


Crit makes the game fun, rng gives games that little extra. I love being 2 shot by nico in my fully upgraded tank, mainly bc after playing for so long i no longer care bout KDA, i just want to have fun with friends and those times i get 2 shots are a good laugh. but im sure if i cared like i used to about KDA i would share your sentiments on crits. well, theyve always been there and i nvr minded them so nvm


Crits are needed to make the game more interesting. That being said, they’re a little too random for me.


If you guys think crits make the game interesting, hmm I don’t know, maybe I need to play the game more often. I’m just trying to say maybe, just maybe, the game would be more interesting if it is based purely on skills? :confused:


It is actually based on skills, I don’t know why you’re bothered of the crits


I do agree with u,it’s too much random. Same thinking as what Beli said.


yea crits happen randomly!!


When rng hates you


Gunner: I feel is fine for most occasions. Although for some reason when using auto aim, shatter bomb doesn’t follow like it should.

Scout: Just fine

Tank: Nerf the AoE of the Concussion Bomb; once hit by this thing the tank puts you in a stun lock.

Tech: Nerf the repair beam slightly, but buff the Sentry.

Blazer: Slightly (like 10%) lower the damage on the flamethrower.

Assassin: Fix panic bomb on flamethrower bug.

Blaster: Greatly reduce both footwork and thrust for this guy. He is way too fast as a heavy.

Shocker: Lightning gun should not remove the effects of poison (that doesn’t even make sense how it does).

Bomber: Hail raiser should have a faster projectile.

Commando: Buff battle rifle to do a little more damage.


lol,seems u have problem with every class except scout?that’s unfair dude


Totally right. [quote=“huffyboy, post:270, topic:2090”]
Shocker: Lightning gun should not remove the effects of poison (that doesn’t even make sense how it does)

Since assassin is ridiculously powerful it’s good to have a class that can Counter it.[quote=“huffyboy, post:270, topic:2090”]
Bomber: Hail raiser should have a faster projectile

I disagree about that, bomber is completely fine, it depends on how you use it.[quote=“huffyboy, post:270, topic:2090”]
Commando: Buff battle rifle to do a little more damage.



You’re right, hail raiser isn’t necessary to buff, but it would be nice.

Although for shocker it’s way different. In a loaded match with at least 1 shocker present there really isn’t anything an assassin can do, aside from panic bomb spamming the capture, which isn’t as effective as it sounds. Assassin is kinda overrated in my opinion. He can kill fast, but usually only against 1 target at a time.


You can just use a class that is able to counter it, i don’t see it fair for Shockers, if there is something like that gonna happen, then they better nerf some of Assassin skills.


Why would they nerf assassin if he isn’t even OP? He may be able to take down a few characters, but notice how it takes all of his abilities to do so. Assassin barely even changes the pace of the game. Shocker is already OP enough if he has the backup for it. Poison resistance doesn’t really affect shocker, it just hinders assassin and makes him near useless.