Hero Balance


I covered dis before


It might be useful if we use pointlessfield suggestions as a starting point and pick out what we agree with or dont or it could end up being a mess again


@Ankit What does this mean? “(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)”


Like on Kong where you delete your own post, except it shows that the post was there to others.


It means the person who created the post deleted their own post. I think it’s dumb that it has to say that, the post should just disappear automatically.


Like on Kong where you delete your own post, except it shows that the post was there to others…RYAN
EDIT: Youre a man of wasted breath Ryan, that is my antithesis irl


lol mybad :slight_smile:

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Yes Charle, we did. We gathered a lot of ideas and quotes from the forums since the last weeks.

We are actually trying to find a time to have a talk about it, with the other testers and the mods. Should be happening sometime this week.


0.o Are you a developer, you werent in the list that Ankit gave in the introductions. Could you introduce yourself, and also do you have any plans on player testers. hint hint hehe xd


Jeremie you ruined the surprise Ankit had planned :joy::sweat_smile:


Wow Ryan after all this loyal support from fellow players you are now with the devs and arent telling us anything… :’(


^this is how I feel

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I do have the most replies to both Hero Balance and Suggestions. I am the most active person on these forums and a very long time player |D


Heh, so much for that “surprise”.

I’ll be doing the in-game testing, and do the link with devs/mods/players. We checked some of the glitches in-game yesterday, and we already have a list of priorities for the game changes and class balance.


Any hints as to how your planning to rebalance?


Okay, Thanks :smiley:
(20 words bois)


We are not going to rebalance the 10 classes with our first fix, we are focusing on making the game healthy right now. Basically fighting hacking, fixing the worst glitches, and some changes for the most overpowered skills and weapons. If you read the forums i’m pretty sure you know where i’m going … (hint)


Specially since i practically wrote the forums Keepo. In all seriousness it is awesome but please dont mess with the rail gun other than fix its bugs because it is the best weapon this games got XD


Over my dead body. Honestly, Shatter bomb is the only thing Gunner has from being darn near impossible to use in Shuttle Bay.

idk sometimes the chop does like 120,000 damage and sometimes like 600. Maybe not nerf, but make it more consistent.[quote=“pointlessfield, post:136, topic:2090”]
tech: turret should do more damage/hold more HP,pulsar projectile speed

Pulser seems fine to me.


I have added him in the introduction thread going to add developer soon :slight_smile: