Hero Balance


No, you don’t. The game was fast before the slide. The slide is essentially what made both heavies extremely OP, and caused the lighter classes to become less powerful.


The slide speed cap is completely ignored by you, it is a great idea and you know it. Players now are just to used to the slide, if it were removed I would still press shift when pressing W out of habit. I just want to be able to slide because it has been an integral part of this game for a long time. I do not care at what speed I slide, just that I slide. A scout runs with Q as fast as the speed cap I suggested for tank, get the scout in the air even without turbo boost and it flies by Tank at its cap speed.


These are my suggestions for every other class. If you say theyre not good I wont mind because I do not have as much love for these classes, just some cool ideas imo.

Slower reload on AR
Again a speed cap since it is a striker chassis
The grenade does need tweaking I agree with yall.

Remove the double slash.
Based off of in-depth testing of the scout after the double slash is removed you can make the saber do more damage or swing faster but I seriously think scout will be just fine without the double slash.

The suppressor turret should do slightly more damage.
The repair beam should reach 100% faster. around 10-15% faster I believe would be adequate.

The AoE support of Radiant haste should be increased.

When an assassin kills a target during ambuscade, the cooldown on the Q (only if it is on cooldown) should be refunded by 20-25% OR the duration of ambuscade should be lengthened by 30-45% but not both, that would be OP. I think this is a cool idea that rewards playing the character the way it should be played. Needler bullet damage increased ever so slightly.
The panic bomb is ridiculous, first fix the bug where you can still see color while you are panicked, also decrease the duration of panicked and give a hero that has been panicked a shield from being panicked again for another 5-7 seconds. I hate being chain panicked.

I will leave this class to those more qualified but i agree it needs as many changes as Tank. It has the biggest guns and the biggest defense (along with Tank). The grenades are my major dislike however.

Give it a bigger shield, I know it already has the largest shield in the game(1750) but that is what the class is focused on after all. The stun on the E while having mega damage is too long, reduce it.
The lightning gun should gradually decrease poison stacks (1 stack per 6-8% of usage on lightning gun) unless the ally you are “shooting” is under aegis then it should remove all stacks of poison immediately(punishes an assassin who is dumb enough to attack a player while under an aegis with shocker present, that just isnt smart. Good players already take out aegis first then go for the shocker/shocker ally).

Leave this class to those who play it, but maybe have more grenades in the launcher. 1 more per launcher (2 launchers in hand) should be good. But then again not enough experience with the class.

I love the battle rifle and its concept but the damage is way too low, raise it.
The butt stroke is too strong, change it. Other players have touched on how so go to their post to see how.
The stim pack is in the same situation for me as the butt stroke.


If assassin and tank can’t charge their jetpack while sliding?


Pointing out that everyone is used to it is a horrible reason to keep it. Everyone is used to an OP Tank and an OP Blaster. Also, so what if you press it outta habit, I mean it’s not like anything will happen. It’s not an integral part of the game, that’s my point. It’s not needed and it is the main reason everything is so unbalanced. I legit don’t know why FRG even added the dumb mechanism.

@Zeretly_Myzery, That still leaves the problem with Blaster, which is worse than Tank in terms of being overpowered.


Nerf blastor’s meteor rush or jetpack?


Remove slide. That’s a bigger problem.


Or adding a slide meter.


Or having a slide speed cap, like what the heck beli. You want to get rid of slide because it increases the speed of hvy class and gives them mobility. Well not if you give the slide a speed cap of the speed of a scout walking. That is called a compromise, your way/idea, one side (the minority side) wins and the majority side loses completely. Dont be a philistine beli, just compromise. We gave an idea that kept the slide itself which is all many want and took away what you hate about it, the ability for it to let tanks keep up with scout.


Many? You’re the only one lobbying for it to stay, while I am pretty sure many people think it should be removed. The nerf is fine, but then there’s not really any point in having slide. May as well just remove it instead of doing all the work on something that will be basically useless. The slide has been broken since day 1. Sure it can be fixed, but the quickest and best solution is to just remove it. Like what the heck is wrong with removing it? You’re the only person I know of who actually has said they want slide to stay. Tank and Blaster will still be too mobile with your slide nerf. That’s my problem. A Tank can charge his jetpack while sliding, which enables him to reach top speeds still very very easily. Just because it inconveniences you isn’t a good reason why it shouldn’t be removed. Think of the game as a whole not yourself.


Reach top speed of 40-60 mph well isnt that just too much for a scout or even a gunner to handle_sarcasm intensifies_. Ask who wants to remove slide, Ryan and SS both said they want either a meter or a speed cap. Those are just the active voices on the forums right now. You want to remove it because there is no point to let it stay with a speed cap, well i am saying it should stay because there is no point in removing it. if 40-60 mph is too mobile for you then you must be 80 years old and I know you are not.


A meter is good. If a player reaches the top of the slide meter, they can’t use it until it regenerates. This would solve it.


Ryan and SS said those are good ideas, they never said that it’s better than slide being removed. Riccardo has said he wants slide to be removed. 40-60 is still a decent speed, and much much more than walking speed. Ideally, a heavy class shouldn’t be able to stick at 60 mph for as long as he wants. Heavy classes should have high health and move extremely slowly. I like to think of them as linemen in the NFL. Huge, extremely hard to move, short radius, but extremely slow. The minute they become fast is when they are OP.


I just want speed cap but at the end of the day as long as slide stays IDC if i can only go 20 mph during slide or there is a meter.

Plus with the changes i suggested to tank even if the tank could go 150 mph it wouldnt matter because his weapons only do damage up to like 20 meters at best, which means if he is out in the open (which is where you use slide, you dont slide much in cap) then youre in the wrong place with the new tank i suggested.


Why do you want slide so much?


I spent a long time on that tank balancing guide can everyone read it and tell me if it is crap or not in terms of ideas.


Literally every hero would become easy target for Um or PIS with no slide. Sliding is fun.


Removing slide would equal increasing ground speed of each class… or air speed so i guess the return of bunny hop? ( that what you guys called it? i dunno since i was playing on main site )


Actually it does 1500 damage constantly, if you are lucky it does 2k more or less. To the auto aim you get used to it, I rarely now hit the wrong target because it aims somewhere else. And I enjoy the fact it’s versatile, being an escape to as well. I’d keep that. I personally think it’s fine the way it is now. It’s punishing as well., after you use it you have no speed (it’s sure death at times).

Actually I said you either remove it or fix it properly.


I’ll add something as well.

-Shatter’s damage reduced (even halved if needed), keeping the reduce defense effect.
-Assaul Rifle (AR) requires less range. (Less ammo would be too much if the nerf on the bomb is heavy)

-Double slash should be removed (on a programming basis it could require a saber change)
-More cooldwon after each grenade thrown

-Blaze bomb need a change. What I can suggest is a “molotov” like bomb which explodes on contact and leaves fire on the ground as well. If it hits an enemy it’ll build up fire stacks for 2/3 seconds over doing “500-ish” damage, the fire on the floor will just do a lil amount (150-/200) of damage plus a fire stack at contact (the building up fire should be faster than the damage ticks).
-The x-ray is a good concept but still not closely as useful to the other classes. Adding thrusting spinning attack (with fire around) could be a problem solver. (But I haven’t really thought that much about this point)

-Panic bomb requires a nerf, probably a cooldown like the scout’s one would be enough. But it shouldn’t build up any poison like it does now (because that would imply all the other status effect poison bring with itself) and it shouldn’t make flamethrower completely useless.
-Needlers need a faster shotspeed (they miss way more than they hit). Instead of dealing poison it could add an other status effect (stacking up to 10) whick reduce the % of hp it can heal. For instance at 1 stack, 5% of the Hp it gains won’t add, so if it picks hp it’ll give only 95%. At 10, it halves the hp regeneration (by a tech or a hp object on the ground). The shield regeneration won’t be effected by this.

I didn’t mention some classes because I liked the changes you guys suggested.
I tried to implement something personal that might lead to other balance problems, the assassin needlers and blazer’s E and F. I’d like some feedback on those, someway to make them balanced if implemented and stuff like that. Be as harsh as you want :wink:


Removing the slide will fix some things but will add more problems tbh