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Yo man…i have a problem


I kinda like how if you grab the mega, turn on radiant haste, and then get hyper charged from a tech all at once, you become an insta-killer ^^


Bees picture c:


Assassin gameplay with troll guests


why mark out the names


It is I, the “prophetical” Typo King has returned, tho idk if I’m going to stay.

Sorry if I’m late to the party but when did FFT make its way onto Steam (I probably seen this some where be for but never jumped over to the forum till now), looking back on my memories of the game be for the owner transfer and as is now and after said transfer I can see its web version is still a little off from its old self but its getting there and after a quick replaying on the game shows that it runs better and no longer auto locks onto the outer corners of the shuttle bay map, and I can actually move now with out the mouses spazzing out of control or the camera shaking as if the hole map is suffering from an Earthquake, tho scrolling to switch weapons still messes with the camera.

All in all to sum up, the web version stills falls short of its origins still in my eyes so I’m asking as I have not played the steam version yet is it saving the franchise or are my hopes to high?

Also does anyone here still remember me @Ankit @Nox @Belisaurius11 @Blade47 @Gjipie @cyborg1 @UM_a @Genard & @Rja12 I see your still some what active in the forum, Notice me senpai! Sorry if I missed anyone I somewhat know, if anyone still cares as I can only fit 10. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and @WhiteXhadow I can’t remember if we had a chat or not but your a in-game mod (I think) so keep up the good work. I still have not transferred my Kong account to here xD and my ign here is for some reason still my email… so if I could get some info on how to change it then I would transfer my Kong data over here as then it wouldn’t have a stupid username. Thanks to anyone who reads this and sorry for taking up your time.


Hello @Robo11500 , Welcome back! How’ve you been , FFT is on Steam now yes , It’s pretty much the same(same heroes , maps) except it doesn’t lag and the ping is fixed , Also LFT+ rooms are back.Yes I still remember you :slight_smile:. Btw, are you on Discord?

You can change your ign and also transfer your Kong account , PM @insanehero


They said keep secret our id.


oh ok


Because of this reason, it’s on Steam. Sadly, web with heavy games can’t work since PC mem (regardless of how good/bad ur PC is) is way better/higher than browser one.

Yes, I’m still working here so that’s why I’m active here and there. Welcome back!


I’ve been grate, getting paid money to look for jobs is nice xD, Could you elaborate more on LFT+rooms i.e. what did LFT mean again and witch rooms I’m a little lost here? And yes I’m on Discord got a channel you wanted to pm me?

Sorry if that came out a little to harsh on the progress made…

That last little snippet was aimed more at Rja12 then everyone but its nice to see you Dea83


Hi @Robo11500,

I will send you a private message so we can discuss your account transfer issues.
But first please try to follow the instructions on the account transfer page - it works for 95% of accounts!



Heh ok

I mean Lft+ and Sgt+ rooms were removed before , they’re added again . Lieutenant = Lft[quote=“Robo11500, post:1844, topic:2753”]
And yes I’m on Discord got a channel you wanted to pm me?

Yea I’ll PM you


Rank locked rooms, where guests can’t enter.






Is it possible for tank itself to be bugged?

Another player named G5 Razagan or something like, complained about my tanking, saying I was bugging it. I have a 0 tolerance for cheating, and if that’s the case I probably won’t use tank anymore.
Later on, I was told by a player named Zunder, that using hmg is bugged, so that it appears that I have the buckler up.

Is it that the people are just frustrated that I’m pwning them with tank?
And these are just graphical bugs like when scout is holding a sword but shooting a gun?


It’s not just tank, the display bug happens with every class but only impacts gameplay heavily on tank since your buckler will not work when using mauler but target-locking with HMG will make it show up on your opponents screen.


What a weird bug :confused: Rail is AR and Saber is Smg etc.
So, it doesn’t actually give me an advantage though, even though it’s appearing like the buckler is out?


Here’s what I know about this:
Yes, the graphical bug on tank impacts gameplay unlikely any other graphical bug. However, I believe that this appears different to different people. Razengan has commented on people bugging tank a lot to me, however I myself have never seen the bug, of course I’m sure it exists, but to some people it’ll appear normal, to others, it’ll appear bugged.

My second theory- Ping will affect whether it looks normal or not. I believe this is the case for the undead bug as well. Some people will see it normally, some will see a corpse. Razengan has always had a high ping, in the 300s or more.

All the people razengan has complained about bugging tank have green pings (Dino has always had a green ping, in the 60s for an example).