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: (


Mlg AKA major league gaming


There must be alot of noobs on now…or I just had a good night lol


Good memories and funny moment of FFT

I will be nostalgic :frowning: snif


I calculated the hours I’ve played freefall based off of how much XP I get per hour in accordance to how many hours it says I’ve played on the steam version…

According to my calculations, I’ve played 1560 hours…


That moment when you’ve been sniping too well and all the noobs decide to forfeit the PL match…


I miss the old fft that runs using unity ;_; it was so smooth with high graphics and lots of fun
now I can’t get it back. I don’t have a credit card to get the steam version and the old times back
but it’s still my favourite browser game… lol


Webgl is unity as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if u don’t have credit card, there are few solutions…

  1. ask someone with credit card to use it for u and u pay them 5$
  2. Sell items from other steam games and earn 5$ like that


I meant the old unity not the webgl one
this is egypt and you rarely find people with credit cards
welcome to the boring place. you never find even 5 gb ram pcs here
maximum is 4 gbs. one dollar is 18 pounds. ps4 is for 10k pounds, xbox is more expensive, and the most annoying thing on my opinion THEY LOVE FOOTBALL VERY MUCH! they will not even do their job if there’s a football match. arabic is very hard (I don’t even know how much things you should do with the words in arabic depending on where they are!) I never played an HD game before because of egypt, and that’s why I don’t want to live anymore lmao

and what do you mean by selling items from other steam games?



Pretty sure that 5RAM PC don’t exist :x
2,4,8,16 etc
But I get ur point, think someone mentioned me issue with credit cards in Egypt, from before.

I kinda can relate to how PC parts are expensive, since I just recently compared prices with one friend from US, he paid 600$ for 1080, while here 1060 costs that much. 1080 is 1300$ or above (insane)

Steam has own market. U can trade cards and such. CS:go keys. I do remember ppl from game called Spiral Knights used to sell in-game items for CS:go keys and then sell CS:go keys on market.


ty for info

sounds like I am going to play to win money… I never did that before


I didn’t try it on my own but used to know ppl who did it.

What I personally did is giving to my roomate money, he paid on credit card (I didn’t have my own) and then I used his credit card xD
Been almost 2 years since I have my own credit card so I don’t have that issue anymore.

Or either u can find some friend on the internet and pay them on their bank account, they buy the game for u and gift it to ur account. But I wouldn’t go for this unless u trust that person 100%. (if that is possible in Egypt)

Good luck!

News/ Updates

okay why the hell was it neccesary to completely lock the news thread? sure we had a stupid flame war going on but on occassions like this all you do is simply remove the useless comments. that was uncalled for


Eh someone complained and I think it was originally created to keep updates under the same topic.
Topic will be re-opened most likely next week.

It wasn’t off-topic there, discussion followed it, just simple went a bit ‘too far’


I wish if I could lol. dont want to create another big mess by removing/deleting anything.


You know what the news thread is for? surprise it’s for news not arguments.

It was a good decision to lock the thread and not deleting wasted time as well because a good amount of points were made. wouldn’t it be pointless if everything you said on this forum was removed because they were ‘useless’? (btw don’t think i hate you or anything i just like taking the mick out of your username)

I think we should just appreciate that Y8 took the mantle to continue running this game, since we know FRG was going to stop working on it entirely (right?). We can only hope that one day Y8 decides to put more resources into FFT and let it grow into a much bigger game, but within reasonable limits it is a browser game after all.

Thanks Devs


On side note, as long as posts stick to the topic and not break forum rules, they can stay. Discussion was alright, ppl made points here and there, I might explained to some ppl what was unclear before and for the rest - time will tell.


who remembers when scout instakill was easier?
now its a little bit harder. I had fun killing guests and noobs with the instakill :stuck_out_tongue:
I still do that… but it takes 3 hits of the 1st slash to able to R them so you can kill them
I remember doing only 2 hits then R but… it doesn’t work anymore


Just had some AMAZING games <3

Funnest games I’ve had in FFT this month - or possibly this year :slight_smile:


Close matches!