💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫



Tell him to u-know-what I write him email he don’t reply


Had to edit it but lol xD
Got him on fb, not e-mail


Don’t correct me I can censor myself :expressionless: I don’t use fb


I have him there about 4 years loool. I’m so old ;-;


You said it not me >: )


I’ve noticed an increase in pros being on lately :smiley:


you.dont.**.say pedo

Edit : *Soft warning *


I just hope the game doesn’t lag. My computer specs tho :’)


I’ll be available for testing


On which browser should i play? (except chrome)


Great, i’ll create a private group asap.


guys,just downloaded an older version of chrome and now fft works perfectly and smoothly without any problem…just like befor :heart_eyes:
and if anyone is online u can join me in shuttle bay asia or eu


Which Chrome version you use now?




i just randomly downloaded it…there were so many


Sounds good :ok_hand:


Certainly, celebrated 149th Birthday 2 months before.


I died :ok_hand:


one thing i have noticed about guests and beginners
bomber and commando are like gods of all the heroes for them just bcz they r expensive
they just dont know the truth


But u are still older! Haaa