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Actually, it does give you an advantage. You’ll deflect damage from the shield while also being able to see HMG. The opposite exists too, when someone is using mauler buckler, I’ll see the HMG and be able to basically shoot through the shield.



Well, Tanks out for a new main then lol…for now.
Shocker seems to be doing ok, it’s got some problems but nothing quite that bad.


Rail is not ok. Saber is not ok. Wrong weapon display is bug that appears often.


Does the damage/advantages change on any of the classes when this bug happens?


It does sorta. Scout has different movement and u don’t know which weapon class uses (long or short range). I got screwed often with flamethrower because it as showing it as heat ray lol

Damage isn’t different, it’s just how player dunno ho close or far he can stand


Oh. That clears some things up. Thx


Hi, everybody I am too sleepy to reply on anyone now, how are you?
I just played a game and I noticed the performance,ping and some bugs are fixed. did I miss something?
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if you reached this your above the normal level, just give up because you’re just going to see anything interesting.


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tank only game, no deaths but I can’t prove it because I didn’t screenshot

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Team balance :smile:


I remember the first game, now that was fun lol.
2nd game is just unbalanced af, i assume some of you switched? lul


Met CombatWaffles ingame today, he didn’t disappoint :smile: Very fun few games with him and another friend :smiley:


Of all the times you could have screenshotted, you got one of me as a blaster. :laughing:


I assure you that was not intended :smiling_imp:


Is teleportaion right out of the map normal?


How can i change my username?


Contact with developers. If ther are not busy.



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