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There is a difference in ‘played Blaster once in a month’ and ‘every time i see this god damn person, he is a blaster’


Why would you have wasted credits on buying a class you never even wanted to try to play even once?




Wow…nice :smiley: I like playing tank too, I don’t think I’ve ever had a tank match against you yet though…


to spend cash aimlessly


lets act like it takes a long time to own every class. I own all them though it was much easier to buy them all before upgrades came out. Once the upgrades came out then you actually cared about credits.




If anyone noticed that the new version of FFT made the assassin totally invisible until yourself can’t see it. This game seriously changed a lot after I stopped playing for quite a long time.


hmmm alan…are u the one who hacked till G4?



the game not open how to open please :sob:


This was a hard match. Never a moment to pause, which is good. ^^

(For those that don’t wish to watch an 11+ minute match.)
Highlights of this match for me were

2:16 Zombie gymnastics
4:38 Blaster chooses life
5:39 It was at this moment, I knew I had screwed up.
8:20 The speedy getaway
9:45 Gfx errors with rail graphics
10:48 Is match results

Looks better when watched from youtube :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! I had a very fun game with Tank myself with a pro guest and a maj :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol’d at the scout that died 40 times …:stuck_out_tongue:


If u go 18-20 as bomber vs tank, u are doing something wrong xD
But they still could win, just had nothing for capping.


xD idk why that happened but lol


its an old recording.right?


Nope, made the same day of the post, so about 5 days old now.
This match was hard due to the teamwork on the opposing team’s side, and the blasters doing their thing, but overall I felt I decently tanked, so I uploaded the recording ^^


hmm the recording made me remember the old days when the rooms were always full and killing was fun :sob:


You usually get about 2 of these matches on average per day :smiley: