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does anyone remembers mohidson


:joy: also another guy who hacked till G4. i don’t really remember his ign


G4 alan… It was fun killing him tho




So what’s new?.. I forget about this game for a few months and randomly remember about it. When I check, never anything new to be honest. Maybe I should stop checking.


As much as I hate to say it, I’m inclined to agree. Y8, are there any plans for an update?


hey why the medal still coming soon how many years need to past before i can open it and also why i cant exchange my 1k to slugs 50 of my friends playing this quit because of this.


Lol idk? I stopped playing this game a year ago. Every time I come here nothing changes, but them charging 5 bucks for basically the same game.


I’ve been experience frame drops to 1 or 0 for seconds at a time today on steam…seems fft is being let go and set on auto pilot.


I mean, can’t even get a decent reply from the developers or staff letting us know what they’re working on. So that says a lot.


hey can you tell me about this bots your talking about.


yeah im also thinking about that


Bots=noob players


If 50 of ur friends care that much about cosmetic items, they should know how games normally make them either as RNG loot boxes or to purchase from the market for $$$.

Just because game is free to play, doesn’t mean servers don’t have cost, u know.


Game is absolutely dead.
Can barely find anyone who is ranked in all regions. Guests have taken over.

I was once an ardent supporter of this game, but once you look at the whole picture the game is falling to pieces. No response from devs, no updates, no nothing. Looks like no one cares about Freefall anymore.

Lag and the bugs make the game unplayable. Literally everything about the game is broken.




yeah your right about but why the developers stop making update on this game ithink its bitter if the make a new rank so players that already in the final rank will be back for my opinion


they care of it badly but some of them are in the military school and others are in vacation but i know that they quit playing because of it.


Lets all protest… BAN FFT!!


no dont ban fft i love this game this game.