💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫



yeah but their saving their money to buy the commando.


do you want an update on freefall tournament?


I assume you mean they are saving zcash to buy commando. In that case that has absolutely no bearing on “cosmetic items”. If you think that just because they are saving to get commando they should get cosmetic items… reality check, every single g should get a bunch of free skins.

Cosmetic items are supposed to be bought for REAL WORLD CASH.


I didn’t know anyone could do this, I could just snipe everyone in game


Doesn’t work for gunner, I’m pretty sure. It does work well with bomber though, if you wanna camp.


It worked before for all heroes and was a dumb place to snipe


hi, will there becoming anymore heros in the future?


I don’t think so.


that is glicth.


can you tel me how much ineed to spend to buy steam.


Steam is like an Amazon for games. They host games that you can buy. FFT is $5 and steam itself is free.


Steam is free to use, just make an account and its all yours


Rip FFT :sweat:




But what i install it is free right.


Installing steam is free, games, software etc are in a price range from free to buy

Like for instance, you already have steam installed and want to put a game on your steam account, you go to the store page and you can choose your own price range or just choose free to play


ok thanks.


No problem


hey is it realy good playing in the steam.


but your team kills are very low.