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how to make a good nickname in fft?


Ngl playing it on steam is much better than playing it on the browser because there are no adds, no lagging. The other cool are is you can get rooms bigger than 4v4


Can you help me how to find fft in steam please.


Just make your own, doesn’t really matter if it’s bad or good, especially don’t put your real name out there.


i already make but im just new to steam what if you send a pic.


im lost in the steam my game are 0 like hell.


send pic on steam




Just search fft on the search bar :angry:



just push store since you don’t have any installed and bought games


ok thank you so much dude.




So how is everyone doing this weekend? Any plans for winter holidays?


i torture myself with my country’s version of the SAT
edit:my english sucks


Imma enjoy myself falling from the slippery stairs :disappointed:

  • Taking classes
  • might get applied to full sail university
  • continuing my game dev project
  • play FFT to my heart’s content
  • looking into Steam Direct
  • learning 3d modeling in blender
  • making maps in trenchbroom
  • buying 3 games


Lol this was me few years in a row. Still slippery tho.

@shadowelite7 seems fun and productive period for u! Sadly the only game I want is not in EU/NA yet, just Korea.


I can relate to that


what is this game? you all talking about iwant to know?.