💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫



Lost Ark xd Like Diablo and Blade&Soul had a baby. Need that asap.


Ah ok, that game actually does look cool


Doin ok, there’s a move planned to a different state, which I’m excited about but also dreading cause of the mass amount of junk we’ve gotta move.


hey guys what if we release fft in the world like rules of survival so people will know what is fft.


I agree… Lets ask the devs


There’s a problem with that, fft dev team no longer exists, they are working on other things.


Sounds like when I just moved to a different home. Was like ‘damn, I really have a lot of clothes’ lol.
But gets better once when all is done :+1:


Anyone play the steam version besides me and whitexhadow


Hello people




hey what so you mean the game is really dead if theirs no devs


what if ibuy fft


Then y8 is earning the money


hola como estas


English please, I know hola means hi


:sunglasses:hola amigo :Gafas de sol:


they got the money igot the game all win.


You may have bought the game on steam or play on the browser, but you didn’t buy the rights to own the source code and object files


ithink its ok to theme if buy fft for 2.1M


Hmm, I think thats how much fft cost for development