Epic Clicker- Most awaited IDLE game


i keep losing hours of progress when my game reverts back. if i close out and rejoin later my progress isnt saved. am i doing something wrong>?


can you please tell us the website you are playing the game or maybe you can try here if you not already playing here http://www.y8.com/games/epic_clicker_saga_of_middle_earth


Mad Puffers listened and updated the game. There is now a save button in the latest version! The latest version number is 1.0.5. Please check the version on the start screen if you are still losing progress.


ok but i think i Play on de.y8.com. next time i check the Version nummber. the savebuttom that i see is inactive.
ok i have see i Play the newest Version, i was on lvl 114 and after refresh on lvl 104. the last 10 lvl i must Play again. because i cant manuell safe. :frowning:ok now i have see the manuell save buttom in the right Corner, all is now good :DDD


gold 999T
and 999T gold


it’s cool game :smiley:


Hii Guyz how to login again ??


i have 999cc ?? Guyz


We found the bug in our code. It only happened after some hours on playing. It should now be fixed for good. :sunglasses:


This is one of the best clicker games online. I’ve played others out there, but this one has just the right amount of interaction along with upgrades. Some of the highest achievements do take time, but for the most part are not needed. It is also one of the most “forgiving” games that allow for mistakes and a learning curve. Great game!


Got damn :sunglasses:


υια τι κανις
τι παξ καλαισενα


This game is cool and funny :grinning:


Good game , i feel like there are some bugs in dmg calculations after reseting the game many times because i don’t feel any difference in higer level stages.


What’s the deal with the crazy training cost for Reaper at level 300+? He’s like 10 times more expensive per level than the other comparible characters? Bombur lvl 311 costs 76T. Reaper lvl 302 costs 529T.


Very cool game:open_mouth:


level 40 na me:grinning:


I have a question. I have played the game offline (files stored on my computer) and recently started playing as a registered user. The thing I have noticed is that the amount of special events (wheel spins etc) having been coming at a substantially lower frequency. Since registering and starting over, I have seen the shooting gallery once, and the wheel spin a half dozen times…and thats over 3 days. Before registering I would have those events popping up every hour or less.
My question is this…Is the code basically the same between versions, has there been an oversight in the coding (perhaps as a result the “pet” bonus, or is it totally random and I have been just very very very unlucky?

Thanks for your time and insight.


Very strange, must be totally the same + additional id.net bonuses. We will check.


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