Epic Clicker- Most awaited IDLE game


Hi, thanks for reporting the problems guys. We updated Epic Clicker again. It was saving the game too often before and getting blocked. Now it will save every minute. This will fix the online game saves. Make sure you’re playing version 0.13.3, it’s displayed on the first screen after loading.

The Ultimate Clicker Squad is from a different developer, I will ask them to check their game. After testing it, I didn’t notice any issues there though.


Hi, Eddie. I am again experiencing problems with Epic Clicker. It saves my gems, but not my progress and it sends me back to levels way below what I already achieved, and I also lose certain achievements. Is there something I am doing (or NOT doing) that may contribute to this? I see no place to actively “save” when I am done playing at any given point, and I never get any indications that I am disconnected or not signed in. I am playing on MS Edge Browser and have NO ad blockers or other filters enabled that I know of. This browser blocks certain pop-ups by default, but this game was fine for me for a bit and acting as it should, and I haven’t done anything differently or changed anything and I’m on a brand new computer, so I am at a loss to figure out what the problem is.
I am having no problem with “Clicker Squad”, which I now know isn’t developed by you, but am only mentioning it as a relative comparison and one I had previous problems with. I wish I could just quit this game and move on, but it has merits that I am not ready to abandon yet. I want to continue to support your creation and enjoy it, so I am sending this to you so maybe it can be rectified. I appreciate your patience and you seem like a cool person. Thank you again in advance :grinning: .


Thanks, I am cool :sunglasses: but I didn’t exactly make the Epic Clicker game. I mostly work on the boring parts like login menus.

Try this, open Epic Clicker and play for 5 minutes. Then open the secret menu using Shift + Ctrl + Alt. What does it say for the last line for Last Save?

The game was patched so everything should be working. I want to check that it’s not something else though. Please also verify that you’re playing version 0.13.3.


I am playing the correct version and this is what it says after playing for 5 minutes and going to secret menu: Last Save: 2629 Bytes +/- 30%


Everything seems good there. I will ask @Ankit to reach the developer or have our testers check it.


Ok, I appreciate it, thank you.


it’s so funny
But can show me how to save


Hi, The game save automatically. Just play normally and it will save.


It doesn’t seem to be saving corrently… I closed my game at one level and when I reopened it again I was MANY levels behind and lost quite a lot of progress, like 2 hours worth. I’m okay with redoing the progress but don’t want to continually lose all this progress when I go to close the game


We will reach out to the developer again. I think there are some improvements that could be made. Though I let the game run in background and it saved my progress as expected. I took screenshots to ensure my levels and coins were the same after refreshing the page. It’s possible you were playing an old version on a site outside the Y8 Network. You want to play version 0.13.3 or higher. :yum:


AH ! That must be it. I was playing on a totally different site. I’ll start using Y8.com and report back in an hour or so (if I don’t fall asleep before then) to say if it has been saving or not


mm still getting some saving issues. The first site I was using was http://www.crazygames.com/game/epic-clicker-saga-of-middle-earth and then I swapped to http://www.y8.com/games/epic_clicker_saga_of_middle_earth. Unless I’m doing something wrong (I don’t think I am) then I really hope this gets fixed.


Maybe the game developers can reduce automatic saves and add a manual save button. I will ask them, when they are available.


That would be awesome! I appreciate it thank you


New version released today 0.13.4 1.0.5. This one should fix any remaining save issues. Make sure to play on Y8 or id.net because some sites will have older versions.

Updated for latest version.


how to play and save this game?


help me to beat the boss the boss is stronger that i thougt


Hello i have a saveproblem too, i doesent save it on pc, i have take they cloudversion. and i cant manuell save that is so terible. everytime i loose my last stand. i dont know in when the game have save it. today i was on lvl 84 and have reset, and now i am on lvl 65. i dont have interess to Play every day doubble. ist not good

plz make it that we can manuell save


Hi, where are you playing the game at? You may be playing an old version if it’s not on Y8 or id.net. I will forward your request for the save button to the developer.


philipines,id.net but how!!!