Epic Clicker- Most awaited IDLE game


this game is really easy to reach his max lvl


i have an question for epic clicker players
can this game can trade to other epic clicker player
example : trading some gold or diamonds??


we are happy to release one more idle game http://www.y8.com/games/the_ultimate_clicker_squad dont forget to check it out :slight_smile: and let us know what do you think about Ultimate clicker by posting here http://forum.id.net/t/the-ultimate-clicker-squad/263



Hello Ankit,

Since i can get my heroes and mage into level 1000+, it becomes kinda annoying that those level numbers are cut off (ctrl-scrollwheel doesn’t help, or makes it even worse). Check my screenshot, the red circles.

Can you please correct it?


sure, thanks for the update.


Hi Croidin,

updated and thanks again for the report :smile:


You’re welcome, and thank you too for the quick update: looks a lot better now :slight_smile:


great and thanks for the bug report again :slight_smile:


No problem: it helps me to enjoy an already very nice game even more (and hopefully will draw more players to enjoy it as well) :wink:


Hi, I want to report a bug/something wrong in my account.
Heres my problem.
I’ve playing till lv 30 in last 6 hour ago, and I’ve closed the game, when I’m back just now, the level is still in level 9.
Can You fix it, please?
Thanks :smiley:


did you perhaps accidentilly click on “local saved game” instead of “online saved game” to start the second time?


No , I don’t.
I’m just playing like was always, never clicked the local saved game :confused:


If you closed your laptop lid or your computer went to sleep at some point, it broke the auto-save. So quick fix while it’s not solved by game devs, be sure to restart the game immediately after computer sleep.


I am new to this site and have been playing “Epic Clicker” for the past few days and I’m hooked. However, I played last night for at least 3 hours and leveled up a significant amount, but when I logged in just a bit ago, I see that all my progress is gone :sob: e.

I want to keep playing this game and also try out the new one, but not if I am just going to lose all my progress again. I was definitely logged in as “amrith777” and I am certain that I did not mistakenly click to save locally. Is there any way to get progress back and, if not, then how do I prevent this from happening again? Thank you in advance for your reply.


Hi amrith777, We are aware of the problem you mentioned. Though we are still looking for the cause. I have added a notification that will show when there is a problem. Keep an eye out for the Disconnected icon. If you see it, check your internet connection and refresh the browser in case your internet is working fine. Thanks for reporting the issue. :smile:


Thank you for your reply. I am now having a problem with “The Ultimate Clicker Squad” game. I decided to give that a go and had completed most achievements (and THEN some) and took a break. When I went back to the game, it was saved, but at a much lower level/status. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong, as I enjoy these games, and would love to continue playing. I am new to incremental games and just discovered I like them (the ones I already mentioned, anyway).
But, until I gain some clarity regarding the cause of progress not being saved, I am hesitant to continue.
I appreciate your prompt and courteous reply.


When did this happen? As the fix I made was put in place only a few hours ago.

If this happened before today, could you please test the game again?


Hey! this is the second time that my game have an “backward” I left my game in level 114… but when I start the game again at the next day Im in lvl 21! the hell is happening? a bug?


I apologize for not answering sooner, but I was not feeling well and finally yesterday I tried a few things on the “Epic Clicker” game, and found that if I play on Microsoft Edge browser and on ID.net gamecenter itself, that things appear to be fairly ok.
I say “fairly” because I am new to such games, and as such may not be aware of some penalties involved in “playing too much” on an idle game.
I have not been back to “The Ultimate Clicker Squad” yet, but to answer your question, I played that for a few hours while you were investigating the errors on “Epic Clicker”. Clicker Squad sent me almost back to the beginning after hours of play the day before yesterday, playing on MS Edge Browser. I was surprised, because I was curious if I’d like it, and decided to give it a go, and I was reassured by seeing the auto-save function pop up at regular intervals throughout my gameplay.

It’s a mystery! :alien:


Hello Eddie,
I didn’t get any notification about problems (on Epic Clicker) when i played yesterday. However, when i came back online today, i had been ‘reset’ (or so it feels like) to some time before i stopped playing yesterday. I know i had collected about 210 gems that were added to my already existing collection of 350 after i did a reset, but when i came online today i had 203 gems awaiting (plus 350 already active). Plus, because of my reset yesterday, i was down to the day 1 bonus again, whereas today i was getting the day 5(+) bonus. This was my first experience of a ‘throw-back’ ever since i started playing, but i guess it’s happening more often now.
Somehow it seems like the server(s) do not always manage to put the correct saved game data onto/into a player’s game :-/