Epic Clicker- Most awaited IDLE game


Epic clicker- one of the most awaited Idle game going to arrive on IDnet soon.

here is list of feature of the game to enjoy and special IDnet features

  • Funny zombies and cool Bosses.
  • 8 unique heroes, with powerful skills.
  • 7 active spells. Spell can be used in combination.
  • Diamonds and Runes systems - available after reset. Bag icon.
  • Achievement system with game bonuses
  • Leaderboard to rank better than your friends.
  • Good balance. Many ways of evolution from start to reset. Game become more interesting after every reset.
  • Special Idnet features
  • Endless gameplay - we can’t stop playing this game, and hope you too :slight_smile:

Stay tuned to check for updates and live game link :slight_smile:

Edit: Epic Clicker have been released enjoy http://www.y8.com/games/epic_clicker_saga_of_middle_earth

and if you like the game please let us know by replying here :smile:


Even though it feels like there’s some similarities to other idle clicker games, this game also has its own uniqueness which i very much like!

  • “treasure chests” are “gold bearing gnomes”
  • you actually see your heroes fighting for you, or with you (if you actively click)
  • Personally i keep clicking quite a lot as well, even though i can let the other heroes fight for me for quite a while (until i do have to click to overcome what feels like a (small) barrier we need to get passed
  • in a few hours you can be lucky enough to get 20+ gems awaiting your first ascension (oops, i mean: reset)
  • It took me a little to realize heroes can be levelled up beyond 300 AND get skill bonusses still (a new list shows up, lol!)

And yes, the balance feels great too (levelling heroes compared to levelling Mr. Grey (yourself))

Great game, and that’s why i signed up to id.net for, to comment on this forum :wink:



Hmmm, only thing i would like to suggest to make possible: if you decide to use your id.net sign-in, make it possible to access your locally saved data, so you don’t have to start over again (even though this is only the 2nd day i play this game, i made 40+ gems already… 22 upon first reset, and 20 waiting for next reset) :wink:


Glad you like it Croidin and welcome to ID.net hope you enjoy being the part of id.net community if you have any suggestion do let us know :smile:



Thanks for your suggestion, we will work on this :smile: but for now you can still play under local save even though you are registered on IDnet :smile:


i know, i am back playing locally saved again :wink:

thanks for working on it


haha good enjoy :smiley:



There’s one thing that feels a bit disturbing: for every 500 hero levels (combined, and even Mr Grey’s are included), you get 1 gem extra… but is it intentionally that the upgrade levels are not included?

All hero levels combined gives the number that is what shows as “based on all # hero levels” (# is the number showing; 2341 for me, at this moment) + all the upgrade levels for the idle heroes (lvl 10, 25, 50, etc)

It would make sense to me, however, if those levels were included for the combined number as well (you did have to buy the level in order to make the upgrade work)

edit: all levels added, makes 2355 (instead of the 2341 mentioned above)

2nd edit: weird! i created a y8 gameplay too, and there the numbers are correct: both if i add the hero levels myself, and the number showing under the gem (“based on … hero levels”) :open_mouth:


Updated the game :smile:

Fix the bug you reported and also now you can transfer your save from local to Online by going under setting and it also give you reminders after certain time :smile:




I played today Epic Clicker in Kongregate, and I don’t know if it’s not updated or something, but I found some bugs. For example, in the coins, it says that, for example, I get 6 coins. If I check my money, I only get 5 coins. And if you want to buy an upgrade, you need one coin more to buy it.

Sorry if this isn’t a page to say about what I think, sorry XD I’m new in this forum and I don’t know if is here or in another site.


hohohohoho!!! my wizard is level 1,000


Hi, welcome to forum. :pizza: :beer:

Yes, this is the best place to post bugs or other game info.


Ugh, i’ve had a long period i was completely unable to login to the forums to reply, but finally i can.

Thanks for the updates! However… i still cannot use my locally saved game to show up in the id.net’s version (logged in)… Only when i am actually playing on the logged in game, i have to option to save my data to the cloud


These Is Awesome <3 :smile:



can you see this option to transfer save ? under setting right top corner ?



yep, i can see that cloud save link now, both when loggen in as when playing locally (but i couldn’t before) :slight_smile:


If you cant beat a boss go to the other boss lets say u cant beat lvl40 boss go to lvl35 and Good look with my stardegyfarm your old well thats how i already have my mage on 230lvl :smiley: This si usefull and when u got ur things good lvl have the bonuses ready against the 40lvl boss tada good look with my stradgedy is not a glitch where u get loads of money but it will take time to get that money Game good job with that!


lo siento pero no hablo ingles


I don’t have a problem with beating bosses (my mage has been level 1000+ on my desktop before it crashed and i had to start anew; i had been very lucky on diamond finds though, so i had only done about 4 or 5 resets to achieve that) :wink:
The problem i had, had to do with being unable to login onto the forum (which i can now, using my laptop).

As for your strategy tip: i am having no troubles beating bosses at all, because i keep my mage as highly leveled as i can, and i click and kill the next boss easily enough. Also… don’t spend all the diamonds on creating gems, as the unspend ones help your mage and other heroes with more damage per second too


Correction: on my 4th reset now (having 100 diamonds unused and 80 more after my next reset), and i just got my mage up to level 1050 again :slight_smile: