Epic Clicker- Most awaited IDLE game


how to make a chaet epic cliker
upgred to chaet


king tabaja




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hi everyone


nice game


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Hi. great game, totally addicting.
i have an issue where sometimes there is a lot of action and then some jitter. after which even when my spells are refreshed, some of them wont work anymore. if i exit my browser (chrome) and come back, i can usually find either local or now cloud saved. and then sometimes it clears those issues.
the first 2 times i ‘refreshed’ i lost my refresh achievement, but kept my gems… very confused.
also sometimes the game hangs on shockwave player issues.


is there a max lvl on main character or heroes if yes wat is max lvl i’m now busy on my 14th day and reach alraedy lvl 3000 + off all heroes and only 5 achievements 2 go


This game is delicious:grinning: and I will eat it for ever and ever:grin:


help me


hi new member


game is so cool






i Happy Game :grinning im damage is 25436



I was searching for your game on Google Play Store. Do you have it in there? There are a lot of clicker/idle games already. Of course, there’s the famous cookie, potato etc. Now, I see a bitcoin game Crypto Capitalist so many out there already.




im level 22