✔️ Y8 forum rules

Spam - avoid posting consecutive times in a row. Instead, simple edit your first post.

Insulting/harassing - any harrasing or insulting post isn’t allowed, as a member of this community you should report/flag the posts of those who violate this rules.

Inappropriate pictures - anything 18+ is strickly forbidden including but not limited to violence pictures, this game forum is pegi 13.

Inappropiate content: - Take in mind that there are underaged people in this site. Do not post anything that is not correct or appropiate, for example: porn link, obscene images, shocker links, etc. Note that inappropiate usernames and avatars are also not allowed.

Inappropriate humor - censore yourself and everything can read anyone who visits the forum.

Off-topic - don’t create unnecessary threads or make from the current ones OT. Stick to the topic.

Sharing passwords of accounts - never share your password with anyone.

If banned users have any questions, please contact moderators about it and everything will be explained, in case you are not sure what is the reason for ban.


Enjoy using the forum and follow these simple rules! Thanks and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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