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according to ✔️ Y8 forum rules

  1. there are still inappropriate Y8 names, i told everyone about it and no one cares
  2. post or comments that aren’t related to the topics Like freefall tournament, orion sandbox, Hide online
    Like for example in a youtube video, comments are actually suppose to talk only about the video, not about other things and nothing else. of course when you meant off topic, means it’s not related
  3. Y8 banned users are suspended forever which is not really fair to them and they can still go to jail for posting nudity unless the police investigates the case and this Y8 Forum

What happens why are you remembering that?

I could probably post a response of my opinion based on your claims.

  1. Y8 is a PG-13 site that can also allow underaged users to access the site. Of course, there can be a few mature games, but not to the point where it is considered NSFW (sexual content, extreme gore, adult content, etc.) If you or a child has a Y8 account, you or the parent can use the parental control feature to block out some tags or genres. If you find any game that is definitely not allowed in the site according to guidelines, you can always report the game or contact the moderators of the platform.

  2. I agree with this one actually. People in the reply section sometimes get off-topic when it comes to people wanting to discuss about a certain game, site, or just talk about a certain topic in general. I try to stay on-topic on a forum post to keep everything organized and to not throw off anyone.

  3. I have never encountered anyone who has gotten banned. And while NSFW content is not allowed in any part of the Y8 platform, it CAN become illegal if the content is either threats, pushing someone to unalive themselves, nonstop harassment, and other extreme stuff that I do not wanna mention. I have actually encountered someone with a inappropriate username on the leaderboards that WAS ACTUALLY CENSORED and they are still on the platform.

If you have different opinions or have to saying on this, you can let me know.


Hello, can you explain to me why you post that?

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Can any of you tell me how to join my bank account with y8 account so that the money/revenue sent can directly be send to my bank account.
Or can you tell me other similar methods to this?
Please so that I can upload my games! :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

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no se nada de eso pero me puedes explicar como hacer un juego

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hola para hacer un juego necesitas conocimientos de programacion y arte

I also tried that of joining the ad revenue but I think it did not work because I did not receive any notification

Can you create a new forum topic for what you wanna talk about instead of replying something off-topic? More people can help you with that since it’ll be more visible on the forum main page.

Indeed, I have made one “Gamers Need”.
If somebody knows the answer to my question, you can message me on my forum.

ok :smiley:

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You and your behavior has made good members leave and it killed this forum.

People don’t care about rules, and if they won’t listen to the rules, what chance is there that they’ll listen to our opinions? I personally agree with you all. Both of my younger sisters play Y8 and some of the users I see in the comments are pretty bad. Some mature games are alright, as long as they aren’t very inappropriate. I don’t mind playing games with gore, but for others, they don’t like it. But when it comes to relationship stuff on there, it disgusts me. Those kissing games or whatever are nasty, not even fun. I don’t get the point. And most of the people that have those users or puts comments like that, are immature. Very immature. Or they have no brain. Some people do it as a joke, which isn’t funny, or maybe they don’t see a problem with it, even though most of us do. The Y8 staff might’ve tried, and they might be working on it. Don’t criticise them please. Everytime I try to change my profile picture on Y8, it takes about a week or two before it gets accepted. They’re obviously doing something in that time. And it always says that my picture is getting moderated, so they’re checking it, for sure.

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I just recommend you to ignore him, for me I don’t care what others do, I only care about myself and my family, if my family are well I am well too, so see you!

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And people playing questionable games on this site is the REASON why they should remove the Points Gained section. Imagine how embarrassing that would be if the games that you play for more than 10 minute gets put on your profile publicly (Even if you play it as a joke or have a guilty pleasure with it). That destroyed my self-esteem for months /srs. They should make it so you can either show it or hide it. I was FIXATED over a very strange and questionable fangame for MONTHS. Please don’t go through that phase. That absolutely destroyed my mental health.

Yeah, sometimes my younger sisters go on my account and click on the most random game and it ends up on my profile. People also go ahead judge over how many points you have in a game or something too. But then on Roblox, you get your badges and stuff too, and maybe it makes people feel more skilled when they see their points? I’m not sure…

Sometimes I would just open a game that has leaderboards to check and I would accidentally leave it open. Tbh I could talk about this for HOURS.

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Idc if I get points, just don’t show to the public on what game I got it from :fearful:

Mhm. Leaderboards are a big one-

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