Would you like to see new cosmetics?

Question is simple. Would u buy new cosmetics? Which ones would u like to see or describe a perfect cosmetic item for ur favourite class!

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  • The old decals on the anvil tank skin were sick asf. The new anvil tank skin is for posers. :smiley:
  • Also an assassin skin that has moving skin effects that become more apparent before clocking as if it is literally transitioning into the shadows, so instead of a clear cloaking animation it is more shadowy. Think skyrim ebony mail type of shrouding animation.
  • A cookie monster (blue guy from sesame street) skin for blazer,tank. Not all skins have to have the Badass title, some can be cool concepts like the cookie gunner skin which is the skin that i prefer when playing gunner and ik PIS does too.



:3 not these

Wings, halo, aura, tail, crown, and etc. My purple Chaotic assassin and Mariposa Gunner too. XD

I would like to see dark purple assassin and commando :grin: :heart_eyes_cat:

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Yall some females.

Want this!

Is that skin designed after Doctor Strange?

Added more items, could be counterproductive (turn the game in to P2W), same, i’m agree with that you say Andrea, more comestics and customization could make more funny the game.

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No its from AQW chaotic assassin

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P2W is when it changes weapons or add certan things (as example poison/stun/fire resist) which i personally dont want to see either.
What i want to see is different variants of skins - simple reskin with smaller price and maybe some skins with special effects (myst, flames, whatever) and these would cost more, which is logical and its up to player/buyer anyways.

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It looks like escherion threw up on it no offense, but AQW never were good designers. They went with the bigger the more badass and have been since i started playing it 6 years ago.

i would like a skin with different particles, like railgun with color red beam…i hope it would not affect the gameplay of others…

You know halloweens gonna be the most fun, pumpkin heads for every hero :grin:

I can imagine tank with it xD but bomber haha. some small pumpkin.

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I think she only talked about cosmetics & visuals. Which don’t fit in the general idea of “P2W”.
Even if i have a pretty biased opinion on this, i am not happy with the amount of skins per class in FFT.


Yea a grand total of 1. Not all skins have to look pretty some people, like me, will wear skins that are “ugly” because I know everyone else isnt using it. Like the banana man skin for Mcree in overwatch.

Skins/recolors, maybe even gun recolor (silver,platinum w/e)

That would be fun to see, but i think gunners would be easy to ‘detect’ then haha. I had same idea few months ago, dunno is it possible :smiley:
And where is my pink Gunner already?

But this is mine :frowning:
I should be the only one to own a pink gunner

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