Why no updates?


This game, freefalltournament has been a really good game(much better than Fortnite tbh). Then why have developers stop updating this game?Just a few updates and you guys will see how good the game will become. I’mma ask a streamer to play this game today. More players=Developers will become more focused on this game and start bringing back the updates. Ye boiii


Because the developers left


yes u are right if the developers work in it it will beat fortnite its such awesome btw can ik which streamer u goona ask so that i could check it out.:hugs:


That’s not how it works.

Freefall tournament is looking for players on the browser

Fortnite is looking for players to download and play for free

Not everyone would want to play on the browser.

Not really going to ask a streamer because I am very busy with projects and life


Ok :heart:


btw are u a leader from very long or become new


What do you mean by me being a leader. Do you mean me being a veteran who has been playing FFT since 2014 or do you by something else?


oh i thought that u are a y8 developer


I get that sometimes in the y8 discord server. No I am not affiliated with y8. @Ankit on the other hand is the Business Development Manager of Y8.


If the game grows, I know some good unity developers who could make more upgrades to the game. Mostly people get bored working on the same project too much and the game has slowed some from the early days, so hard to justify a lot of work hours.


According to u what is the best game in y8 please i waana play but not freefall


cuz i already G2 in freefall


Pretty much the only game I play on y8 is freefall. I have no other interests in other games from Y8.


I mostly play games on steam. My favorite games are Warframe, Strafe, Cogmind, Quake and Risk of Rain 2


ok thanks


how about u people contact the developers of this game to gave u answ.


you should have read this first


let me ask u
if u know that ur game have a good future in the world of gaming will u left the game or not?


It really depends on the perspective TBH

The devs of fft left because they got bore from developing it


so the developer are tired or theirs a secret?