Why no updates?


I don’t know what their secret is but what I quoted is a prime example


If u dont know something, better don’t say anything than something like this tbh.
Edit: What Eddie said is means how devs and overall team that works on a single game long time gets bored. Doesn’t mean that ppl quit doing a project. Which wasn’t the case with FFT.

FFT has no ‘‘good future in the gaming world’’ because the game is outdated and has too many issues.


No, they left FFT because they had to put their resources on labyrinth. FRG could’ve shut down the servers back in 2016 when they announced that the game wouldn’t be getting anymore updates, but they kept going, but ya know keeping servers up costs money, money that FFT couldn’t make off it’s player base alone, so they made a business decision to sell the game to Y8.


Thats correct but thats not the topic here.
FFT currently has no devs (Y8)


so where is really fft come from kongregate or y8?


Those 2 are just online web stores tbh


I know the reason why the devs left development. I have been in contact with Joll since last year through discord.

I only said what I said because I was getting tired and felt like I was being annoyed and didn’t think about trying to start an argument so I just decided to put that they got bored.

Most of this is my fault tbh


Yah, developing a multiplayer game costs a lot of money.


Well the whole convo was a bit weird but what to do xD
I mean I get that players are not happy with this. Nobody is, myself included.

I wouldn’t put much trust in this, but ur life, ur decision.


Joll… Seriously xD


I can’t contact insanehero tbh


can u still track the location of the internet connection?


not really, DIscord itself is high in security meaning I can’t look for find someones IP Address


If u gonna assume, that’s fine, but keep it up from the forum.

Closing the topic.

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