Why did you not censored his profile?

okay first off i PM the moderators about him and i have been warn not to talk about this
but @xHaVoc @juizz @Lavasteam
while there is young children here
why not cover up his profile picture since it looks inappropriate Serious Situation
everyone’s profile Looks okay except for that one guy
you remember him?
if someone’s profile contains nudity then it should be censored

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Stop this please

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@Teo2 First off, the profile picture wasn’t that bad, I censored it for some reasons. That post can be easily get flagged if it wasn’t for the profile picture censored. NO ONE should see that, no one should see 2 people kissing on a profile picture at all. Last thing is that I’m not fan of this stuff. I feel like talking about this makes me🤢. But at least I did the right thing in this situation.

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It’s nothing compared to this one disgusting dude that was seggsually shipping literal minors that had a pfp of literal h3nt4i.

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This is off-topic, but does anyone know why weedy0ne’s profile does not come up?

If I search for it, nothing comes up for it.

I guess that they should make the person who put an inappropriate profile picture back to their initial letter and not let them change their profile picture to anything

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