Whats going on?


What’s going on with the maps?

Any action for this???
Any fix for this???


They reset the servers.


It is no longer on a single map, if not in almost in all the maps!
im a g3 in my last login and when i see in this moment im marshal pffff -.-


What is a freefall tournament?


Something dead


A contest of bravery through skydiving, first to use parachute loses. The winners can often be found after the tournament lounging about like jabba the hut inside a bin-bag covered in their own internal organs.


wat just happend above me


Nothing, sorry about that.


whats tht folder thing. closed and opened folder ., oh yes archived, what does that mean




In other words: “Oops”.


Oops is one word, Jeremie. :pensive:


but i think jeremie made so much sense there,


I do think the saying is " in other words ", we have the same one in French. Can someone correct me here ? i’m not 100% positive about it.


Yes, when u use more than one word :yum:

‘Jeremie’ and ‘much sense’ can’t go in the same line :grin:


Tbh i have never heard someone say “line” instead of “sentence”, until now.


In French its ‘en d’autres termes’. So yeah its plural.
Vous parlez français?


you’re right, it’s “in other words”


Yes i do, because i am.


Are you from like Morocco, Quebec or France? I’d say my french is fluent.