Whats going on?




Yes this phrase is correct.


This thread went from me screwing up to this XD


a necro-thread becoming OT, lol


Free Z & Free XP:

Do not worry,pretty sure the servers have been reset/patched from giving out more XP/Z than it actually should.

^Considering the above,action has been taken & has also been fixed.

Brief explanation :

By now,you should know that the game has got new developers.
What the new devs and the current mods are doing is…working on banning those who glitched their ranks and of course,hackers.
The new developers are now working on a brand new version of the actual game.
Bringing back the old look of Shuttle Bay,and I think the old shield system aswell.
Game is now powered by Unity WebGL.

There you go,hope this helped.