What is it like to play as the classes?


i hate it too


Rockets are meant to be annoying,but no way to fix such a thing without getting rid of auto lock. Some things should be changed,but that goes for other classes as well. If u nerf blaster to the ground,everyone would use Tank because even if u nerf him as well,he is simple better at capping and got a bubble. In game where u can pick between 20-40 heroes making meta isn’t problem,in game like fft is,that is a problem. Every class should be perfectly usable.


initially when i started playing the game no one used to comment whether what class u play .
slowly, when they use smg in scout they started saying smg spam
when they use needlers they start saying needlers spam
if u slide with gunner and snipe they start saying slide abuse
if u play tank they say its op class, sheild, noob
if u play blaster they cry like anything,say all the stupid stuff and quit the game
play blazer starts saying no skill class,op,shit,
plays tech,shocker starts saying suppport spamm
so whatever u play people keep on commenting if ur good at it.
so, we are restricted to play in a game which is open for all?


Haha :joy:


Let them comment, once they’ve matched your skill, they won’t say anything anymore ^^
Since I don’t have my account back yet, when I play I play as a nearly base level gunner. It’s interesting, going back to the very beginning and playing as though you’re a first time player, I can only get around 40 kills max per match right now, but it’s still fun. (Course now nobody seems to chat anymore, and takes it way too serious lol)

Gunner is a fairly balanced class, can’t snipe to save my rear, but all the classes go down eventually with it with some effort.


Thats why I want to see new ppl playing this. One of worst community where ppl dictate constantly how should be played or what ppl should play. Advices are fine, always nice to see some tricks or anything, but as I said, here ppl allow a lot to themself. Blaster might not requre insane skill level, but so what? Not everyone likes to play something on high skill level.

Literally only issue I have is panic bomb because playing entire match in gray screen is not fun at all.


Doesn’t it last for 10 secs instead of the entire match?

But what do they play as then?


They play what they wanna play as.



That basically going against the purpose of this argument.


?? :confused:


Actually, it would be extremely easy to fix rockets. I don’t know where you’ve been, but people have been saying for forever to remove the retarded stun effect.[quote=“Dea83, post:46, topic:5020”]
If u nerf blaster to the ground,everyone would use Tank because even if u nerf him as well,he is simple better at capping and got a bubble.

Tank is gonna be better at capping than Blaster no matter what is done tbh. Both classes need to be nerfed to the ground, especially their mobility.

Lol, Andrea, you are such a hypocrite tbh. When I used to play with you, you’d constantly be telling me how to play, what I’m doing wrong, etc. Look at your post you just said you don’t like people dictating how other people play then go on to tell us not to use panic bomb. Wtheck. Plus panic bomb lasts like eight or ten seconds, that’s nowhere near whole match.

@mahendra Go ahead and play as what you want. I’m just saying Blaster takes barely any skill to use and is incredibly OP. If you can master it in a half hour, it probably doesn’t take much skill. Just don’t go around thinking you’re a pro and calling people noobs just because you can own everyone using an OP class. Because that’s how literally 99% of Blaster players I’ve played with act. If you can use other classes that’s good, but most Blaster players can’t.


U barely played. The only time i told something about ur gameplay is when u sent me a video of Gunner gameplay and in my opinion why is it bad to be fully scoped entire time (which other ppl who snipe can tell u exactly the same). But I didn’t told u that u SHOULD play like me or other ppl do, I said WHY is other way better and u might consider to try it out. Other things not really, so unless u can be precise and tell what exactly I said, better don’t start.

About panic bomb, I didn’t said ‘don’t use it’ I said that I hate it and WHY I hate it. When someone throws constantly on u panic bombs and just picking more ammo, plus Assassin got high mobility and it’s fast as hell, means that he reaches ammo in no time.

Removing stun is one option, but still auto locked rockets are way too easy to use. If u take a look at gameplay on yt of Pharah, she got exactly the same weapon, but without auto lock it makes u actually to learn how to aim with it. Not a rocket science, but not easy as it is now.

being subjective about other classes way too much, but saying something should be nerfed to the ground and make it less usable, think how OP would DPS be.


Actually Blaster can be fixed/balanced lol. Even before they changed it when it first came out it was one of my favorite classes and it was very balanced. Then Frg messed with blaster and changed it and it became extremely OP. They never fixed it since then.


over powered so called op
it doesnt depend on classes but the person who plays
and every class u play requires skill @Belisaurius11
its some people who started saying op op op
the other day some started saying assassin op it looks funny.thank god he did’nt say shocker op becuase people dont play that class often
and some people started creating anti against tank and blaster
i barely find these two classes in a game
what if i say gunner is op where u just kill a person with 3 hits sitting far away and running into base when people come near u.


There’s a difference between skill and something being op, when tank slides he moves like a fat man on steroids, and he has 3 shields. blaster doesn’t have a single flaw, he has good range, insane damage, great speed and no downside, there’s a difference between these 2 and Gunner, it takes skill to snipe, but it doesn’t take any skill to swing a hammer, or spam a bazooka. Tank does take some skill to use but that still doesn’t change the fact that he is over powered


Missed that part, without insulting and posts like this one is going to be deleted.


The one thing that really got me while playing Blaster, and any class (cept shocker) was a good sniper. That rail gun took me down good in PL if the gunner was skilled

I think it must just be because I use a mouse pad and not an actual mouse, but for me, the rail gun goes all over heck when I’m aiming :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t understand how people play with a mouse pad :grin:


Same tbh ^


It’s easy ! Be fast !!! :robot: