What is it like to play as the classes?


I am master bomber in hunting invisible assassins ! when they are putting cloak ,i stun them :smiley: and they die :smiley:


I guess, I hate Blaster more though, because it takes no skill to play.[quote=“TheRealJmc92FromKong, post:17, topic:5020”]
Thing is about Blaster is that it does take a little bit of time to master

It takes literally 2 seconds tbh.


You know they can use thier ultimate?
But anyway,thank you for the tip…


When I get my account transferred, you can show me your two second blaster mastery in a 1 on 1 :slight_smile:




Never tried the ultimate. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like assassin :stuck_out_tongue:


Assassins panic bombs makes ur flame do almost zero damage.

Tech isnt counter for Blazer. Shocker is. Stopping overdamage with fire instantly.


what game is it


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  1. From what I know poison only damages, panic bomb is the stuff that makes your flamethrower barely proc for some reason, as long as you dont stand still like a moron you shouldn’t get hit by panic bomb too often.
    2)Blazer also has vision of everyone, plus sliding isn’t so bad once you figure it out, only dumb blazers wouldn’t pay attention to the assassin coming after them, plus as long as you don’t get panic bombed you can kill an assassin in like 2-3 secs.

When I played Blaster, the first 3 micro munitions I destroyed, then I got stomped, somehow it seems the blasters I played against all managed to sneak a fourth bomb on me.
And from what I noticed most tanks go all out even if their shield is out, because they’ll just get it back after they revive, and I still don’t know why people say blazer is UP, hes a pretty decent class if you know how to use him.

I didn’t know the flare bomb dealt 4000+ damage…

I think too seconds is too little, 5 seconds sounds like a more reasonable number.

They do, but you’re not gonna get panic bombed often, and surprising an assassin at high speed almost always kills them before they can do much.
And I’m not sure how shocker helps, Not many blazers depend on afterburn to kill.


Blaster vs Blaster?


@Belisaurius11 Yes :^)

@Alinon Knowing where the bomb spawn points are is likely their key element. The bombs are really easy to replenish in PL


Hey,i just try this move with blaster…Right Click+Q+E+F…kinda like slow but it’s good damage to assassin or scout or blazer because they can attack us from close range.Just make sure you not close to blazer,you can go close to them and use your Q to make them movebackward.


U can’t stack ur fire next to shocker. Panic bomb actually has huge range,doesn’t even need to be direct hit on u.


it’s funny to see people hate blaster a lot
i guess u got killed multiple times by that class
it takes 2 seconds to master lol are u kidding hahaa
dont comment without knowing it may be ur perspective,but dont mention it publicly.
if u hate that class dont play simple.


1.) Poison reduces the damage of the target, same for panic bomb. Just get hit by panic bomb and your flamethrower will be almost useless.
2.) Even if blazers can detect invisible assassins with spectral optics, blazer is still an easy target for assassins.


Yep, all the time by noobs who literally can’t play any other class to save their lives. Sorry, but it pisses me off when you’ve been training for a long time and some random guy who started playing last week can own you just because he has the most OP class in the game, and then constantly taunts you and calls you a noob.[quote=“mahendra, post:37, topic:5020”]
dont comment without knowing it may be ur perspective,but dont mention it publicly.

There’s no point in having a perspective if you’re not gonna share it when people ask for it.[quote=“mahendra, post:37, topic:5020”]
if u hate that class dont play simple.

I don’t play it tbh, I have like 70 kills+assists with it.


Blaster would be ok with tiny nerfs if game is actually how it’s supposed to be - constant team fights instead of constant soloing.


Blaster was always a shit class to me because of how OP it was. It was overly abused by noobs who couldn’t take the time to learn something else other than spamming rockets all day.


You’d need a heck of a lot more than tiny nerfs to fix that piece of crap mess called Blaster.