What is it like to play as the classes?


Just asking, I’ve really only played blazer for the most part, so I would want to know how other classes are like if I want to consider buying something else.


Perhaps these threads will help:


Check YouTube, you’ll see them all.


I don’t think there is a / I haven’t seen a tutorial for every class?

I’ve only seen Um’s sniping tutorials so far considering tutorials,correct me if I’m wrong.


He never said tutorial videos. The way he explained it I took it as him asking for general gameplay videos and YouTube has them all.


@Gleam Doesn’t help since I didn’t ask for tutorials.

@Rja12 Eh, I was looking for something more descriptive, but whatever.



I’ll give ya a short description on how I feel when I play each class.

Gunner - Always up for a challenge,mainly as a sniper aiming to get better.Its fun getting chased around by try-hards who are constantly trying to get you and call you a noob.

Scout - One of the classes I enjoy playing.Its fast its fun to use and its pretty darn op aswell. Using a scout is not too hard but to get the hang of it or should I say to become a “pro” at scout,you’ll have to practice quite a bit.

Tank - My least played class by far.Its a decent class to use when you’re playing for fun but if you just want to get wins and get xp & cash then yeah,tank is a great choice to get cap if you’re good at it.

Tech - I love using tech when I have my buds on my team knowing that they know how to get cap and that they will be there at cap most of the time,overall its good to have a tech on your team any day.

Blazer - Definitely an op class since you have already played so I’m not gonna explain.

Assassin - Fast,strong and a pretty fun class to use.Its a lot of fun to use it when you just got it,but over continuos hours of playing the class it gets quite dull,you have a good time insta-killing players and make them rage at you and eventually call you hacker but thats it.

Blaster - Again,one of my least played classes.I dislike using blaster even if its needed,I generally disgust using heavies so yeah.

Bomber - Fun to use,easy to play,hard to master.Its cool to hover around in the air for a couple of seconds or so and drop a few bombs here and there on the shuttle.Staying in air also gives you an advantage while using your Q ability against every other class,I’ve never really used bomber as much I had the hype to buy it…

Well yeah,thats about it.


Commando class?


I’ve never really used it hence why I didn’t include it.


@SoulFlare Cool, btw, what exactly makes a blaster dangerous?
When I played blaster I killed maybe 3 people before dying, whereas when i played blazer I killed much more, but when people play blaster against me, the push me back and micro munition me to death, the only times I could kill them was when I surprised them as blazer, but even then I was left with maybe a sliver of health.


Because main thing u should learn is how to move properly with any class or on any map. Specific places gives u more speed and blaster eats blazer easily so dunno with who u played before/against who,but every his ability/weapon is op. Add tanky hp on it. Blazer is a good starter class and if u play him with/against ppl who are rank around urs,u won’t struggle at all. But vs Bomber,Assassin,Tank,Blaster or even a sniper gonna be hard time for u.

Also depending on ur gameplay and fav map gonna depend what u like more. U should try Commando or Tank maybe. Low hp ones seems to me that would not be a wise choice,at least for now. Bomber is lovely class and lots of fun,but a bit tricky to use. Commando is more simple.


Gunner = Getting hunted constantly. It gets a lot more fun as you get better. I guess that goes with everything but if you can’t snipe for the life of you the class really sucks.
Scout = Glass cannon. Can hit hard but if you get hit with a melee or knockback you’re generally screwed. Good for dashing in and out.
Assassin = Stalking a lot. Assassins roam a lot and if you’re good people should rarely see you. Can be tricky landing kills but big thing is keep moving. Fastest class in the game, use the speed.
Bomber = Flying, flying, flying. If you like being in the air this is the class for you. Sit up in the air and rain bullets down on people. I personally think it’s boring but whatever.
Blaster = OP. Moves decent. Has high dps. Has high defense. High shield. I despise it so much. Basically, if you hate humanity play this class.
Blazer = Fun, but really a bad class. It’s supposed to be close range cause of Flamer, but has bad defense stats and doesn’t have a melee. Fun to play though, especially if you can master the movement. Only seen one really good Blazer.
Commando = Light killing machine. Destroys light classes with ease. If you find yourself having a pro scout or assassin up your grill 24/7 just switch to this class, Shotty+Butt stroke+F+F=GG.
Tank = A freaking Tank. Bullet eating monster. If you find yourself dying too fast, this class at least takes forever to die. Has like 4 shields or whatever.
Shocker = Camp camp camp. Spam Orbs.
Tech = Camp camp camp. Spam healing.


Yep, I used to be able to get a lot of speed on tdm training arena with blazer, so I would just roam the map, and I really could only kill blaster in a surprise attack, I did something like this, Q>F>Flamer>Sometimes an R stun>Pray the micro munitions don’t hit me>win
If I screwed up (Two micro munitions to the face) I would die and maybe the blaster died to afterburn, if I screwed up a lot (A bunch of micro munitions to the face plus no surprise attack) I died and the blaster would have like ~50% health.
And really, I only surprised the blasters in the central room thing, most of the time I just avoided them, and I think I got some Gs with ambushes a few times aswell.

Btw, while I agree with your selection of counters, I really cant agree on the assassin part, blazer seems like a direct counter to assassin if you ask me, the spectral optics makes you see the assassin in the first place, making it hard for an assassin to ambush you unless you’re stupid or not paying attention, and the thrower can shred an assassin pretty fast, maybe that is just me, but I’ve never really had any trouble with assassins.

Oh and I tried Tank, quite a few times, I generally get kited by a gunner even now, it’s strange.
Commando seems like an interesting hero though, is he damage heavy (I like running around in TDM and killing peeps)? Like how much does a shotgun burst do? And how does the bombs work?

I thought tank was the class you played if you hated mankind but whatever.


Assassin counters blazer more than blazers does.

1.) Assassin’s poison reduces Blazer’s flamethrower dmg greatly, panic bomb also hurts…
2.) Blazer has weak/terrible mobility, relies on slide 24/7, easier target for assassins.

**Counters for Blazers are: Assassin, Gunner, tech(heals), Heavy classes


SAVAGE !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Played for a few minutes to check out if there’s been any updates. Shocker feels different, almost like it’s had it’s mobility improved a tiny bit.

Thing is about Blaster is that it does take a little bit of time to master because instead of mastering the class itself, it becomes more about learning the reflexes and weaknesses of the other classes. But if you’re traveling over 100mph down a ramp shooting rockets at the person you’ve targeted, and then at the perfect moment shoot a bomb at him close range, it pretty much seals the kill on lighter/mid classes. Of course every time you do this, you incur alot of damage to your own player when the bombs rebound. I can see why people would be so annoyed, a good blaster is an annoyance. But sometimes if there’s a blaster on each team, it can come down to which player is better with the class, as they’ll almost always engage each other consistently to keep each other out of the hair of all the other players.

Overall though, an upgraded shocker is the most fun to play for me. Once you figure out the best way to use him and where at least. I think it comes down to personal preference. I can’t snipe, or I probably would be a gunner over half the time. Assassin is difficult to get exact combos with, and so is scout in some areas. But again, depending on what you’re used to, this may not matter.
Tank is nice, but while the shield regenerates, most of them go into hiding. Blazer would be OP if it had some sort of shield, but I’d say at this point it is one of the weakest classes so it needs something.


How to get instant kill Blaster by using assasin??
I was trying to get instant kill but i give it 90% damage before i get rekt…it just like i get killed 7 times,i was trying to kill this annoying blaster that running around the map on TA but when i was turn to invisible,he saw me just like 21% can see me.That time was on the ground,impossible he can see me…


Yep, but those class that I mentioned are stronger counters.


You’d likely have to have the blaster hazed first, so everything is black and white for him, and then perform the set of combos that best tie into the knyphoon (or whatever it’s called). Or you can try to catch him off guard while he’s in the middle of fighting another player. If you’re a very calm player, I’ve seen some assassins just sneak up after using the haze bomb, and do their thing when they’re ready. I think calmness and patience plays a role, as far as I can tell from the short time I’ve played assassin.
Turning invisible only helps to a certain point once you’ve been spotted. A good blaster can track and hunt assassins with their speed and mobility, and by randomly shooting in the directions he thinks you’re at, and then following you around with the gun constantly looking and aiming for you. Your jetpack as well will give away your position. The best bet to get away at this point would be to duck down a hallway.


Thank you very much ! You resolved the problem on bomber, i think !?.. Or when i was in unity my bomber was bugged…In webgl ,in the new version of the game i can do a lot of damage with bomber,easier . Or i am just better :smiley: