Want to remove playing as guest or dont?

  • remove the ability of playing as guest
  • dont remove the ability playing as guest

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Hmm, there are people who just want to have a look at the game before playing with dedication. Wont recommend removing ability to play as a guest.

I agree and disagree with you on this.
I’ll explain, also @Ankit take a look at this,
I think the reason behind removing the ability of playing as a guest is because people can hack with guest accounts, but now they are unable to do so, Why? ill tell ya, its because WebGL is more secured than Web Player, it means they can’t hack now, since the WebGL release, I am not saying that’s its impossible to hack, but its really hard in the same time, so we won’t face hackers anymore, at least not too often, just maybe rarely.
If they can’t hack with guest accounts, they can troll/mess with them, and insult them, like how it went months ago against Rja12, many hackers insulted him and wanted to hack everyday and ruin the playing
Why would I want it to get removed?
It’s because of the following
-Even tho its hard to hack WebGL, the hacking matter is still there so removing the ability to play as a guest helps alot
-Players can make Guest accounts and insult the players they hate, like how they did to Rja12.
So yes, remove the ability to play as Guest.
I’ll just make it clear,
When they remove the ability of playing as a Guest it doesn’t mean you can’t try out the game ( Tutorial ), removing this feature will lower the trolls/hackers players, so if someone wants to play this game, then they need to register and create an account, it’s not as hard as building a spaceship it takes 1 minute to register

Voted “remove” but I’m likely neutral.

Maybe add restrictions to guests, like they can only play on recruit servers (w/bots).

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Yeah I agree. But it shouldn’t be completely removed.

This statement makes no sense.

How so?

You guys voted to remove the system completely. I on the other hand, agree with @Zeretly_Myzery and say that guests accounts should just have certain restrictions.

It actually doesnt make any sense, it ahouls get completely removed, and playing in a map with bots is gonna actually make new players leave, they will think they play with bots and this game is PvP, Multiplayer

Whole guest system is changed (or will be). I don’t see a reason why guest accs would bother u,but ye,old guest accs was bad idea.


Just wait for the answer and it will be locked…(no harsh)

Hello Guys,

Guest players wont be removed but on the same time guest players would have their own maps and they cant play with members also they would only have very limited functionality kinda demo.

in short, guest can play against guest and players against players or other option we are thinking to let guest players play with low rank players.


Excellent decision!

So they will keep playing as Guest till they register?
If so then thats how it should be tbh

If you have account from y8,it should save your old data FFT…

i agree
becuase depending in my playing time i have seen that every server have a hacker but the problom is that they are guest
that why i ask

No need to remove guest because when player can’t log in to FFT…use guest…

i understand but most the guest players are hackers and that’s not fun at all

that’s accaully a good solution

Not true, most guest accs are actually someone who already got banned or hack to ‘cover’ himself. I’ve seen at least 20x more real acc names than guest ones. Guest accs can be kicked same as normal ones.

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