Wanna Talk, Need new friends!

Heyyyyyyyyyy :heart_eyes:


Hola que tal

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is my friends here? i dont no

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Hii im always up for new friends!:smiley:


Hi everyone, need new friends :blush::blush::smiley:

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Hi! today I’m level 45 and my gamer tag is °°ARIEL.CL°° if you wanna play with me.
Yes! I want new friends!

¡Hola! hoy soy nivel 45 y mi usuario es °°ARIEL.CL°° si quieres jugar conmigo.
¡Sí, quiero amigos!

:hamburger: :package: :chicken:

Hey, up for new friends :smile:

:grin:hi guys!:grin:

can i be your friend pls :slight_smile:

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hello guys its me mitchellhorn

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hola:Gafas de sol:

Come to my topic, i have tips and stuff there. You will definitely find new friends there!

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Whats up guys scarce here.

friend me in this https://www.y8.com/users/7873423/djboss

Yo. Anybody still here who wants to just talk? Preferably someplace more private.

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hi :slight_smile:

What if we all put our users links here?
This is mine https://es.y8.com/users/6924598/ARIEL_JR

:hamburger: :package: :pig: :desktop: :keyboard: :couch:

thanks i am going friend you

oh you alerdy y friend

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