Wait is over! FFT Steam version have been released


Hello Guys,

so atlast the day have arrived and FFT Steam version have been released https://store.steampowered.com/app/849940/Freefall_Tournament/

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Y8 Team.

unlisted #2

listed #3


He’s not free like on Google?


Yes not free on steam but we are running 10 percent discount right now.


Ok you will delete possibility to play on Google?


Why was the release date moved up a few times?


We had a few issues getting the release correct. This is the first time that any of this team have released a game on Steam and there are some tricky bits that we did not get right immediately.
Apologies for the unexpected delays, we’re just happy we got it right on only the second attempt :smiley:


@Joll look at this


@insanehero Could you take a look to it. Its a 32 bit OS


You mean from y8.com ? than no.




Is there a reason why the game now costs money?


because we needs to cover server cost and steam version dont have ads but you can always play on y8 for free.


Makes sense for developers because every server for a game always cost money to make, it would explain why I see many browser based games on steam are like 5 or 10 dollars.


Yep, and going f2p can do games with RNG loot box system and/or really huge market.


Is true I agree with Dea


or Player progression system
though I don’t think I have heard the term RNG in a loot box game?


Loot boxes are RNG.

My personal hatered for those is real. If I want something, I want to get it. Not to pay 5$ for it and MIGHT get lucky, or MIGHT 100$ later I still won’t have it. Nobody’s money should be taken like that. If I wanted to gamble around, would go in Las Vegas.


What is the difference between playing the game in steam and the browser?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one, I am indecisive