Wait is over! FFT Steam version have been released



  • uses unity webgl
  • can be buggy or laggy
  • higher ping (bad)
  • contain adds that can be useful, nonuseful or just videos that can lag the game very quickly


  • uses Unity3D engine (not unity webgl)
  • 100% smooth
  • lower ping (great)
  • no adds
  • voice chat with friends
  • in-game overlay

for browser-based gaming, you are limited to things for a business like adds so you can earn money from that to pay for servers or other things. Now when I am saying limited I mean like you can make 2d games using html5 canvas

now for 3d games, you can be limited to using webgl engines like Unity WebGL, PlayCanvas, or just use WebGL.

when you play a game using webgl on a browser you can experience some lag than you would see when it’s an executable file (.exe).

Now for a game that was on a browser then comes to steam it can be much better because the browser is running a lot of extensions or software like apps, on steam all you are running is steam and the game or software which can make things very enjoyable.


may i ask how there are marshals and majors when the game came out 10 hours ago


It sounds interesting, if it convinces, and is that as currently when I play in the browser the game is unbearable, the latency is super high, have you already bought it?


maybe the steam version and browser version are tied together than seperate


I have bought it, still waiting for a 32 bit os fix


I think I’ll wait, until the account transfer tool comes out, that if I remember correctly, it was commented that it comes out next week


In EU (I’m from EU) got about 50 ping so its way lower (I believe almost double lower) compared to the web.
No lag.
Rooms should be expanded (dunno when).
U can get some nice screenshots with steam.

@shadowelite7 without promotions, please.


oh ok, I might be confused because I don’t think I was asking for promotions of any kind

they are right now, they are currently at 10 (5v5)


U left the links of other games.

Expanded as back to the normal 8v8.


Ok I see


Hi @shadowelite7

Can you please right click on the game in your library, select properties, tab to local files, then click “verify integrity of game files…”
The path in your screenshot is correct and should work (it is in the same format as the heavily tested 64 bit version).

Unfortunately I don’t have a 32 bit machine to test on right now but as far as I can tell during the weekend, it should work perfectly unless the files are messed up somehow.

If you put that path without the freefalltournament32.exe into explorer, can you show a screenshot of the files that you find there?

You could also try uninstall then reinstall.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or information that might help, but remember it is Sunday here, so I may be slow to reply!



Just played the steam version. Very stable frame rate and great ping. Definitely worth buying. Waiting for transfer tool :slight_smile:


Got it now, it was very smooth. Will be much better when the account transfer is on :slight_smile:


but how are there marshals and majors and generals already if the account transfer tool is not yet ready


Browser & Steam players are cross platformed, both be able to play against each other.The Marshalls you see are playing FFT from browser(WebGL).

As steam players increase with time, we’ll create dedicated steam rooms with 8vs8.


hi, is the trasnfer tool ready?


they posted on steam its done just being tested


good job, dev! <3


every time I remember that the game is p2p on steam I think of “hey, want to reduce lag? just pay 5 dollars which you cannot afford anyway to improve the gaming experience!”