Today I bring you a very important topic

The first 5 most translated books in the world!!!:

1.The holy Bible

2.The little Prince


4.Pilgrim’s progress


The holy bible is translated into 3000 languages, and in the world there are 4000 or 5000 languages ​​!!!

wow that’s cool

How is this important I know it is cool and all I’m not trying to bring hate I just want to know y is it important.


is very important!!

yes!! is cool

How is important?

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Are you questioning me ??
This topic is very important, so that we are sure that in every second someone is reading the word of God, THE HOLY BIBLE


Ok so du everybody has bibul

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Yeah, God bless you and your family

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Ok how is important

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are you asking me? or was it an answer

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You do realise that not everyone is Christian, right? I have one. but I haven’t touched it in a decade.

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I have one too and you can still be a Christian

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They can’t go change to be Christian they can only be what there Parents are they don’t choose if there Christian or not

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I can choose to be a Christian

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But let us remember that not only the one who says that he is Christian is Christian, to identify that a person is Christian the person has to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and read the Bible with obsession !!!

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Try listening in church mate. Those things, They make you a fanatic. To be Christian, you just gotta believe.

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no sir!!! Being a Christian is not about believing in God, you know something, even the devil believes in God, we must accept that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose from the dead and repent and not do it again

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and another thing, the devil tells Christians that they are fanatics, and in truth they are not! do not repeat the same excuse of satanas !!!

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