The Future of Freefall Tournament


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I’m kinda confused about my Freefall tournament acc, i have 0 classes unlocked and all the hero skins i owned (all gunner skins) have disappeared. I was wondering if this has happened to any other player and if there i an immediate fix? Thanks,


Mind telling ur username in the game?


@ShadowGlobe I just did a database search using your forum name and found two accounts with that as a username. If you will please respond to a Private Message which I will send to you now, I can investigate further…



Hi! I tried to buy some slugs but the payment wasnt working. The payment page crashes before I can put my Subway giftcard number. What I did instead was I bought Kreds from Kongregate. Just when I paid, I found out that FFT isnt in Kong anymore? Is there anything you can do about this?


Hi! I tried to buy some slugs but the payment wasnt working. The payment page crashes before I can put my Subway giftcard number

Would you mind recording a video of this scenario ? Users are using IAP in FFT successfully, but i still want to check the Subway card issue.



Sorry we cant help but maybe you can ask Kong for refund.[quote=“bonnibelb, post:149, topic:2055”]
The payment page crashes before I can put my Subway giftcard number.

We’ll looks into it.


I uploaded a video for the scenario. Here’s the link for the recording.

I want to know if the error is on my side only, if so then I’ll just consider a different payment option.


That’s sad to hear but thanks anyway!


Hi @bonnibelb thank you for posting that video, it is extremely helpful. Can you please leave it up for a week or so because I have asked the payment provider to take a look at it and see if there is anything we can do to avoid this problem in the future.
I notice that you have Chrome and Firefox open at the same time, and that the error reported is ‘out of memory’.
Can I ask: how much memory do you have in your machine, and how many tabs were open in the other browser?
It is possible (although I cannot be sure) the payment will proceed if you can reduce the amount of memory you are using.


I closed the other browser and tried it again to no avail, I only have 4gb of memory here on my pc. It’s okay I can wait, glad to be of help. :smile:


I have told the payment supplier that their page is causing this error, I don’t know if they will fix it or not.
Thanks again for raising this issue and linking the video, I’m sorry that we can’t do more for you at this point in time.
I suggest trying a different payment method if possible, or if you can access a machine with more memory then that will probably work too.
Don’t forget that there is a time-limit on reversing transactions, so if you want to refund the Kreds payment you made, you will need to contact Kongregate accounts quite soon. I don’t know if they will help but if you haven’t used the Kreds I think it is worth trying.


Might be that ur browser is full of memory, that issue happened to me couple of times, so cleaning might help (not only with this, but generally if u play a lot of web games, youtube etc) since it needs cleaning on every few days.

About mistaken Kreds that u bought, unless u want to spend it on some other Kong game, send e-mail to their support with explenation and they will most likely refund it.


Hi! I was able to make my purchase now, I cleared the cache memory on browser and ran it again and it worked. I was hoping to buy the first time buyer pack because it was on sale but it wasn’t available anymore so I just went ahead and bought a hero.

Regarding the Kreds Kong and I are still talking about how to get my refund.

Anyway thanks for answering my queries!


Great to hear that it is working for you now! Maybe contacting the payment provider let them find a bug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m not sure why the first time buyer pack would not be available if the previous transactions failed - I will ask the game developer to check that.


I wonder when the Generation 3 Classes are gonna be complete as there’s 4 to each generation…

I really hope this game will get more and more better in the future. By the way, when do you guys think is the next update gonna happen?


i want it now


so i guess this is it?


“Deceptive Player” ruined the game, many of those who played left him for that.


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