The Future of Freefall Tournament


Hello Guys,

As most of the FFT fans already knows we have takeover the game from freerangegames and sadly we cant be active on different forums,

So Lets discuss everything here :slight_smile:


Rja12 here. For starters how do I change my screen name? I don’t want my email as my screen name.


Hi Rja12, I have changed your screenname and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m an in-game mod on FFT along with 4 others. Any plans for us? Also how do we go about reporting hackers now? We never could ban and all we could do was kick before. Now that we have active devs, should I send them to you directly? Or shall I use FFT’s report players thread?


I’ll discuss with our developers team and would try to find a best solution.


Thanks, keep me updated. If you could ask them if they ever plan on upgrading our mod system, that would be great also.


we will surely update the mod system in future


So why not start for ban some accounts? to control all the kids that are destroying the game.


we need a list of those users to take any action…


Ik, in the Kong forum are many lists, and i dont say that start right now, is impossible but for something starts :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, its Buttersolace…i dont know why but i never chose the name and it randomly called me kyshoe so yeah. Just want yall to know its me! :blush:
Btw will you guys make any updates for FFT like new classes or new maps? Please answer basically every player in FFT wants to know this. :slight_smile:


Thanks, we will search those lists.


so umm can you reply to my question please? >.<


Changed your screename also but thats really strange, and we will surely work on new maps just give us some time.


Lucky with found the lists^ @Freefall_wel


Cool! Thank you, and welcome to FFT!


Hey, this is Belisaurius11.
I just want to say thanks for buying this game and giving it a shot :slight_smile: not sure if FRG told you, but here’s a list of the in-game moderators:

Cris is the forum moderator on kongregate as well.


Thanks for the list Joseph.


You’re welcome :smiley:
For some reason, I am not allowed to switch my username. Is there any way you could switch it to Belisaurius11? I don’t really want my personal email address out there.


done, also asking our developers to have a look why it happening.