The Future of Freefall Tournament

  • Jugging how you are toking about ping I say you know what game it is.

  • You making a joke?

  • Well if you read the forum thread name, “The Future of Freefall Tournament” but the game it self is call Freefall Tournament.



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I feel like whenever someone has bad ping, they immediately blame the servers. Maybe you just have bad internet? I know I have never had an issue with the servers.


I had 172 ping before the major update. Now I see my ping at 192 outside and when I’m inside a server I have ping at 202


Having good ping still gives lag. I generally have between 16 and 60 in eu but still get lag. More lag from the server in london (120 miles away) than on warface which has its servers in america


This could be because when you inter a game and you have good ping the other players in that game may all have a bad ping i.e. if most of the players have around 90-200-300-400-1000 jumps in ping the game well be struggling to manage every one in the same time frame but if most of the players have ever good ping or bad ping the one with the grater players with it will file there not lagging because most players are on the same speed (ping, same belay so look like there is none) even if that speed is slow, so players with bad ping in the same amount will make other with good ping file lagged… seven with around 300 and three with around 90, the 90 will look lagged to the 300 and but the 90 will only look normal to other with same ping and vice verse. (not sour if the works like this but I get 350-395 ping and when I’m in a game where most have same ping it plays as if all have 0 ping and ones that have around 90 are freezing in place or just aperient out of now where as if they just spawned there, some thin to think about.)


When your looking at the server that’s the ping count of it with X amount of players and when you enter there is now one more player there for the sever to load so ping with change as with this post I made before this if you enter a game with players with bad ping the game will strung to keep you all at the same speed also this is just a hands on guess as well, because this is what happens to me.


There’s really a problem in the US Servers, almost everyone’s ping there is exactly 389 and some ppls can get a higher ping than that. Nox also notices that.

It also depends on your location though, if I am in California right now, I’m sure I’ll get a green ping.

It usually happens when your ping is fluctuating,


This ping is caused by the hack/bug XP/Zcash, i’m always in US servers with Ping 99-108 and EU servers 187-202, i still have the same ping in EU, only change my ping in US servers since all this start.
Everyday 1-3 servers US are hacked/Bugged, that’s the reason why are so lag US servers.


My ping has also increased a lot in the last 2 or 3 weeks. Like James_Rz said, I think it’s related to the XP/cash glitch, because it happened at the same time. And I don’t think it has anything to do with the DDoS attacks performed on some essential Internet services (Ankit posted a link about it somewhere).


1.) Tries to play FFT…
2.) “Wtf only 4 players on kong chat?”
3.) " Tnk God my ping is only 280 on US"
4.) Goes to US room
5.) “Why is it like I have 1k ping”
6.) Pressed Tab… wtf 512 ping? How?
7.) Leaves room, scrolls down to EU server.
8.) “Huh 1 room only?”
9.) Joins an EU room, pressed tab
10.) “296 ping… not bad”
11.) … Seconds later… “Stupid nub hacker!!”
12.) Closes browser.



Servers are messed up. Was there in same time as PIS,even talked with him about it.


Thankfully no server issues for me.


Haha :'c

As when you started to play one year ago and don’t have idea how is the game without hackers and servers lag!.


We’re investigating the ping issues.


News on updates against the cheaters?


Max ,Hackers just have some more time then all of their hacks and all the progress will be wasted… :slight_smile:


With webgl it should be patched.


I’m confident