Super glitch?


With this i think it’s impossible for the “deranking” to be successfully.


What makes no sense is the fact that players spend 1hr on these glitched maps, then when they are done they regret doing it and all of a sudden they want to get deranked because the apparently want to earn their rank.




Foreal. They purposely do it and complain afterwards while constantly asking when it will be fixed.


2 players even made topics about these lmao, idk if it occurred to them that they should’ve disconnected from the match.


Quick question, how can someone get kills on a glitched map? did it really make sense to you when you decided to create an unnecessary topic about it?


Because if you’ll read my post, you’ll note that when this happened, I was fully able to move around. And if I was curious as to what’s going on, what makes asking a question unecessary? By that logic, your existence on this forum is unecessary. I hardly play anymore because it makes my hands shake to play the way I did. So i don’t give a whole lot of shits about whatever the ef happens, especially noting just how many pricks there are playing it even if it does get fixed.


The topic was unnecessary, the question wasn’t, you could have asked that at the “report bugs” tbh, being able to move around in a glitched map is impossible. Feeling bad for doing the glitch is ok, i mean it’s ok if ranked up 1 or 2 ranks higher, if you went from a low rank to Mar then feel bad about it that was your fault for not leaving the map, getting the glitch by accident is common but apparently realizing the map you are in is glitched isn’t.

So just because of some glitch, we should all stop playing? great logic m8.


He was talking about the toxic community, lol…


Really? because all i read was “if you play the game once it’s fixed, you’re a prick”. The FFT community is soo small you can’t split them up into different categories.


No actually, I was aiming that at you alone but the subtleties went over your head. If I’m wondering if something happened to me on fft that was completely isolated, making a thread about it, doesn’t seem so far fetched. AND if you had a problem with the thread, why complain now? This thing is months old, should have said something in October when it was made. I actually don’t care about the account to feel bad about it either way. I’ve not played for months, and probably won’t play again. But I have requested this thread to be locked because of the turd fest it’s turned into.


Relax guys, breath in and breath out.


i did chill

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Its just meatcove’s twin.


I couldn’t be bothered to complain about this topic back then tbh. Also it might be because i didn’t use the forums back then.


You made perfect sense, m8, thx for explaining. No but srsly tho i think you got the wrong forum.


I have informed the developer, but here we are talking about super glitch of FFT

you can always discuss about Banjo Panda here :slight_smile:

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