🐼 Banjo Panda Game

Banjo Panda, a physics powered, multiplayer collecting game. Find friends to help each other collect pineapples while unlocking new items, titles, and achievements.

Release date: Oct. 31 2016


Version 3.0.0 is here! It’s a small update that allows for bigger maps. Now pandas can travel farther side to side and upwards. Also some bug fixes, hopefully the game doesn’t freeze up now.

New Shop Items

Have an idea for a new item? We would like to know. Please post your idea below.


/help - Show controls and list commands
/ping - Show internet delay
/mort - Kill your panda
/list - List available rooms
/join [room] - Join another room
/create - Create a new room
/title [number] - Switch your title
/titles - List the titles unlocked

Double jumping

To climb a wall to your left repeat, left arrow, up arrow, right arrow. Your panda will run when you can jump again. Keep doing this sequence until you reach the top. Practive on glue blocks, it’s easier.

To build you will need to use a mouse or touch screen.
X and C to rotate items.
Spacebar to make transparent items

Tiny Panda - Default
Tired - Go AFK (Away From Keyboard)
Accessed - Secret key sequence
Clumsy - Die from falling off the world 100 times
Hot Paws - touch lava 1000 times
Caring Panda - Win 5 maps in a row as builder and don’t loose any children
Air Panda - Keep panda in air for 10 sec
Hungry - Collect 5 pineapples
Chipmunk - Collect 50 pineapples
Plumpy Panda - Collect 100 pineapples
Bon Appetit - Collect 200 pineapples
Munchies! - Collect 300 pineapples
Big Bear - Collect 400 pineapples
Collector - Collect 500 pineapples
Sticky Paws - Collect 600 pineapples
Classy - Buy 1 shop item
Cutie Pie - Buy 5 shop items
Beautiful - Buy 10 shop items
Charming - Buy 15 shop items
Jazzy - Buy 20 shop items
Big Spender - Buy25 shop items
Vogue - Buy 30 shop items
Fast Panda - Get 5 firsts
Cheetah - Get 10 firsts
Sprinter - Get 50 firsts
Ninja - Get 100 firsts
Wind Walker - Get 200 firsts
Family - Save 100 pandas as builder
Saviour - Save 500 pandas as builder
Illuminati Confirmed - Save 1000 pandas as builder

Help Banjo Panda Survive!

This has been the game I’ve always wanted to make. We want to keep adding great new and original features. To do it, we need You to show us your support by buying pineapples.

Good Luck! Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Wow,looks beautiful,Panda is so sweet :heart_eyes:


This is going to be super fun multiplayer one :slight_smile:


Good game !!! :laughing:

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I Love Banjo Panda

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hi been you we done yrt art school
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good game

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i like banjo and cool game

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Any map builders in here?


Banjo Panda version 2.0

With version 2.x released, player maps are now automatic. Meaning if you make a map it will show up in game right away. Also you might see a map vote thing show up every so often, especially on new maps.

ps. You guys got me but remember I could implement some troll mode at any time. :astonished:


the panda is so cute



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/title 27 ninja

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There is also some sort of glitch in banjo panda,the glitch happens more often than you think:it takes away like hundreds of the pineapples that yo earned and takes you back a few levels.

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Hi Pinklucy, when does it happen for you? I haven’t noticed this problem while playing.


im /title 17

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I think I’ve spotted the issue. It should not cause any pineapple loss unless you are a guest account. I will fix this.


Is there a way to move faster?

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If your panda moving too slow, try playing on Chrome with no other tabs open, might help. Or you mean, you want some boots that make you run faster?


I think you should add school stuff(backpack,books,etc.) ,or like royal stuff(crown,dress,etc).

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