Banjo Panda Game


If your panda moving too slow, try playing on Chrome with no other tabs open, might help. Or you mean, you want some boots that make you run faster?


I think you should add school stuff(backpack,books,etc.) ,or like royal stuff(crown,dress,etc).


Those are some cool ideas. Would you be willing to buy pineapples to get them? :grin:




so funny
lol haha


Ok, I like the idea of royal items. I think we could make a dress item for pandas. Also a nice crown and maybe a royal staff thing.


what is your level


Map building with programing??? or simple :smile:


I think I am a 12. You are level 30 now? :open_mouth:

Yeah it’s simple. No programming needed. I’m thinking of letting some players be map moderators or having a contest.


@eddie I would be happy if i can make a map :wink::wink::wink:


You can make a map :grinning:

I will try to make a video explaining how, in the next week or two!


:blush: k and thanks just mail me in inbox…


im not level 30 now. Now im level 40. HAHA!


eddie why now we just look at up but we not see someone… ecxept if the panda have in air


just… hard to play


Yes i agree


Ah thanks for letting me know, I will fix it now.

Congrats on level 40 Hairie!


but im not level 40 anymore:(
my level was return to level 1
but now im level 10 title was
wind walker




Ah sorry about that hairie. I will look for a fix, maybe there is a bug that would cause that. I think you were the top player.