Aiming is one of the most important aspect if u snipe


true but most weapons are aim lock

what should change is the Dope Saber should not have aimlock
all Automatic guns like the assault rifle, submachine gun, etc should be only aim lock
the other weapons shouldn’t be aim lock like the orb caster


Add HRTF to the sound options

This would help because you can hear the heat Ray sound miles away from where you are like in training arena. Blazer is where the snipers usually go, the Blazer shoots the heat Ray. You are underneath the map and you can hear it like it’s close to you.

If you add HRTF to the sound options, it would be very helpful and useful


ok dud :sunglasses:


is to risky to do for my opinon if you can try all the hero it would be boring to buy.


is it impossible to do but if that will happen it will be so easy to use ord caster and no fun.


it will be unfair to the blazer.


Ummm… The tank’s range weapon is like melee weapon Because of the inaccurate shot. I just notice the old ff2 and the new ff2 (today) so advancing shot, when on target lock is gone. Is there a way to fix this phenomenon?? Or this is permanent??


ithinks it cant be change if theirs an update on 2019.


That could be true, 1 big update containing what ever we wanted and what the devs wanted.


ithink ihave the new hero like a general that realy insane damage.


Hmm…well if it came to the devs. The devs most likely might Ballance the hero


I think what would be cool is, this hero and go through walls and clone himself


yeah but if we think about the blaster it realy have insane damage iplay last monday my team is winning my hero is the gunner we almost win one capture and we win but a blaster join and i realy cant kill her and we lost.


too cool to be made.


@Ankit or other devs out there.

Since the game hasn’t been updated since June and there are hackers around. Can you please look at this important suggestion. Usually FFT gets hackers when the game doesn’t update for a long time, it happens when frg stopped updating the game since 2014. The game is not updating this year and there are now hackers around. You guys did say that UnityWebgl would make it hard to hack the game. Maybe these hackers know how to get around UnityWebgl. I know how you guys can fix that problem using this cool Anti-Cheat software, and its used in other recognizable games too.


Just a bit of correction - hackers absolutely got nothing to do with lack of updates.


yeah your right if fft have a anti-hacker.


i hope their will be an update in 2019.


Yes I have seen hackers previously in WebGl , Can you tell me when did you last see them , Also write down their names or take screenshots if you can :slight_smile: