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UPDATE! Slope game is available at Android Store! Download the game on the following link:

Download Slope Game, Y8 Games biggest hit game!

In Slope your objective is to speed down a randomized slope while you avoid death and compete for powered, online highscore!

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If you want to learn how to play Slope, and make your best highscore, you should check out this video which will present you the full game tutorial of how to play and beat Slope top player!


My personal score is only 36, but when I think about it, I’m not good in skiing, hehe :slight_smile: What’s your best highscore, Slope fans, and your tactic of making that score?


Is this game like Run 3?


Its better than Run 3 :slight_smile:


Ya got it


My best score is 20 it was really hard :smiley:


hi my name is yarielis silva i am 12 :relaxed:


my highest scores is 25 so hard :sweat::angry:


hello my friend called me kill11 and I’m interested to know how to earn points here to be the best the best that there will never be a joke but I would like it if it is not annoying to learn to win them please




hi whats up:


DIS GAME DOO DOO ou cette jeux video est le plus mal


Highscore is 258 :slight_smile:


my nest is 103


my score is 61


how to get past 100 in slope game slopex? my record is 99 rawr xd


i keep bouncing when i’m not supposed to, but it’s a pretty good game otherwise


Doesnt save my score…


maybe you can try to logout and login again.


how the heck do i log out?