Slope Multiplayer - Game Review


Today I’m going to be taking a look at a game called ‘Slope Multiplayer’. As you know this game is part of the series of the game ‘Slope’. The game was added on November 04, 2019, with 4.6m plays, and a 72.9% rating. This game is about racing against 2 users & race towards the finish line but also avoiding red blocks. The maps look amazing & the ball design looks similar to the one on ‘Slope’ but the lines look much thicker. I had played this and feels intense to play when it comes to speed and controlling the ball very hard. Last, the music is completely remixed from the game ‘Slope’ and sounds amazing.

Getting Started

You will be taken to the main menu screen after your game loads in. Nice looking main menu with tips, you can select your region & turn off the music or SFX.

Almost forgot to mention if you have Adblock you then you have this message on your screen. When you click play it takes a couple of seconds to load in.

The game fades in and you are ready to go FAST!!!

How the Gameplay works.

The gameplay starts off by you controlling the ball and avoids red blocks. You can die by going off course or falling into a void. Going past through different obstacles and platforms.
I recorded the gameplay just to show you what the game looks like and how to play.

Click the blue thingy.
Gameplay Video


The ball moves really weird and funky. Whatever I stop holding that arrow key it’s gonna reset is position of the ball. The controls are very hard to move, and the ball takes a second to move left or right. Makes it hard to play in fact this game is much difficult than ‘Slope’.


I know this game wasn’t that good as ‘Slope’ did. I would rate this game 3/5… I mean it’s an okay game though. That’s all I have to say about the conclusion but this game was easy to talk about everything.

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