'Death Run 3D' - Game Review

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Hello Y8 users! Today I’m going to be reviewing ‘Death Run 3D’. An fast-pace game with bright colors & amazing soundtrack. This game has 12+ million plays & has a positive rating. One of the most favorite games to review I should cover the gameplay, the design, and everything that you’ll will see. So let’s get in the review!

Getting Started

You will get an default Y8 loading screen and right into the main menu. You will have 6 options to choose.

  • Play
  • Settings
  • Credits
  • Leaderboard
  • Achievements
  • Id.Net Login

First I’ma talk about the settings menu. You can change your score, your volume, the menu color & the key-bind input. Change your score to none will not show the score, same with “Graphic”. Next the “Volume”, changing your volume off just mutes the game. Third the “Menu Color”, just changes your menu color to different colors you want but doesn’t change the game-play. Fourth the “Default Input”, you can change it to “Arrows” or “WASD/ZQSD”. And last you can go back the main menu.
The “Credits” takes you to a list of creators & a disclaimer. I will explain this right now, if your staring at the bright screen to much you can have eyestrain problems like headaches, and blurry vision. So I recommend turning down your brightness down. All of other stuff I shouldn’t explain about, you’ll already know how so forget about those options (Leaderboard, Achievements, Id.Net Login).
When you click the “Play” option you will have options and 2 different modes to choose.

  • Maelstrom
  • Superluminal
  • Hyper Superluminal
  • Hyper Maelstrom

Choosing “Superluminal” will have different obstacles, even “Maelstrom”. The “Maelstrom” mode is really hard, the camera will turn twice a row and makes it difficult to avoid.


When loading in & getting ready to avoid obstacles, music will come up. You will accelerate on your own but you can move let, right, up, down. Notice that no obstacles have spawned in just yet but also getting prepared like always. Seconds later obstacles spawn in, there some that moves out of the walls, some of them move in any direction, even in the “Maelstrom” mode obstacles move different and that one block where it moves around like a sphere and places it on the ground or on the surface. Now when you die the game screen will flash 5 times and will show you the score you gotten and some options to choose.

  • Return to the Menu
  • Play Again
  • Leaderboard


This game is not that bad to play, no glitches, no cheats, nothing in this game was bad but difficult. I haven’t gotten any issues into this game but this game was fun to play. If you wanna become good at these fast-pacing games then practice. Hours of enjoyment & no criticism given to this game whatsoever.


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