Slope is unplayable & broken :/

The game is a nearly decade-old Unity game that has become very popular on every game website, even I started playing this game in elementary since they came out with their 2018 update it became one of my first favorite Y8 game, but now I’ve stopped playing it, unfortunately, the game hasn’t been updated since they came out with their terribly mobile version of it. Still, the game is unbelievably broken & impossible to get higher scores because of the irritating bugs.
On May 21, 2021, I made a huge game review giving massive criticism to the game & have shown many glitches & bugs & how well I explained each & every one of those bugs.
That review will give you the full context of what I said will be down below if you wanna read it. I also noticed that while playing the game outside of Y8 (for a reason because it’s less buggy), the leaderboard doesn’t work & doesn’t save your score so you’re only option is to play it where it’s published at. Too bad I’m gonna quit playing that rigged game until it’s fixed & updated eventually.

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