🌈 Skytrip | Start your trip right now!

Do you like adventures? Journey in the sky between the clouds! :compass:

Skytrip is a very popular game with 30 million plays and with big community.

Put your skills to the test in the Skytrip game, where you navigate a rolling ball as far as possible without falling over the edge or in between the gap.

Join and play with millions of Y8 players in this cool game.

:joystick: Very simple and dynamic control in the game. You need to control a rolling ball and roll as far as possible without falling over the edge or between the gaps. Collect magic arrows to jump many times and avoid falling.

Don’t forget to collect stars on the platform to compete in the number of game points with other players.

Use the slow motion feature to avoid missing stars or game bonuses at high speed.

Try to set a new high score in :video_game: Sky Trip :video_game: and compete with Y8 players. Play this fun game and become the best player forever. Record your best score in the Y8 :trophy: leaderboard.

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