Shutdown fft


If fft dont have developers anymore ithinks its better to destroy so we dont need to waste our time and money beside no update and no devs danm this is sucks even ibuy it iconnot sure that it be saved by me this for our own good.


Dont play it, Simple. :slight_smile:
I still wanna play this game , Nostalgic. If you dont like it , you can just quit playing right? lol


Yeah, I quit almost a year now.


I wonder, how these newbies get bored just by playing for a month or so…
I can still play this for like hours straight


I’m just saying my opinion.


but it’s boring to play anymore.


I will still play


I respect your opinion , feel free to say anything. I know there are no updates , but if you know nothing’s gonna happen , then why say shut it down , instead you can quit it , Many of us still play :slight_smile:

Lol same


I have 56 hours total played through steam, trying to get to white x hadow since he went to over 200 hours on record


i spend 20k in this game and my grandfather didn’t sign contract that will give 2.1m to me to buy the game.


why are still playing if you know the game have beed abandone by their own devs.


Gotta ask, why do you come back to the forum of a game you’ve left and hate every so often to trash it? We get it, the game is almost dead and most definitely abandoned. I’m sure the playerbase if you can call it that will admit that. But coming back to a game you’ve quit long ago is strange to me.


@Cpt.Joe Every few months I randomly remember this game and check the forum to see if there is anything new. In the back of my head I still want success for this game even though I’ve moved on to better games with much better production and updates.

It’s also annoying that the developers ignore the post and haven’t said anything about the state of the game, which annoys me deeply. They promised so much and did so little. Now that the game is a failure, they’re nowhere to be found. I come to see if they will respond as well. Anyways your post sounded rather salty, but I hope I answered your question :slight_smile:


I play with existing veterans on the 3 fft discord servers


@robbielawler68 It’s basically impossible to spend 20k in the game.
Pretty sure your grandfather won’t give you 2.1 million dollars to buy a game.

@Rja12 Ty for the answer. You did answer my question; I understand spending >5 years on a game and still wanting it to be successful no matter how murky the waters are for it right now.


Maybe his grandpa is trump? :fearful:


cause my friends are asking me if their some upadate in fft that’s my resson and also ibeen a supporter of this game onece so i’m really f***** up of what happen.


that funny bro he aint trump at all also did you not see the news trumps shutdown the govt and the shutdown countdown is over hoper you have a good christmas,


yeah and also someone told hem the is old and sucks anytime can be shutdown ithinks thats why he didn’t signt it.


Tbh fft is getting boring, when I was linking my kong to steam to see if my rank could go higher from captain to g1 or g2, it didn’t do that so now I am down graded