Shutdown fft


hey… what rank are u really in fft


but i already spend 20k


20k zcash*


lol u want updates just buy the skin yea update u have a skin :open_mouth:


I was captain through the steam and y8 now it bumped me down to sergeant major


if i buy a skin it will effect the damege rate right or there some upadate if ibuy a skin.


no real cash


Buying skins is nothing more then just buying a costume for Halloween in real life. It doesn’t change what you do in the game


sure :joy:


you cant shutdown fft if there people playing it dude think first before you make a decision your only thinking for your own good what about us.


Yes i also wanna play. Pls no shutdown fft


I have 10 account in fft .


ok khabib from ufc.


what game are you working now Rja12.


I don’t think he makes games


R u pro?
What is ur main hero?


me commando rank marshall but my name in fft is not robbielawler .


What’s ur in game name


You mean what game I’m playing?


Oof he assumed u a game dev